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This is the combined Rebuilt series of prewar houses v1.5 adds Coastal Cottage.. As each new location is finished I will add it to this combined mod also so that we don't spam your load order with esp's.

Permissions and credits
This is the combined Rebuilt series of prewar houses. As each new location is finished I will add it to this combined mod also so that we don't spam your load order with esp's.

Ok, its been pointed out that we didn't properly document some of the things we add to the Build menu of our Rebuilt settlements. This is a good point and I am assembling a Readme file to start including in the download to discuss these changes as well as some others that may prove helpful if you find yourself debugging a mod issue. It will be included in the next release.


Ok the CK has gone into open beta so we have been busy updating all the Rebuilds to fix known issues and fully fix some issues that were incomplete. Navmesh was the biggest culprit in the series by far, but it was NOT all that we addressed. With that in mind, for this release (and most likely from now on if it's useful) I will provide a Change Log on each mods page. Check it and if you know of an issue we missed send me a PM or post it in the comments and it will get included in the next release. Please take note that the "Real" glass in the windows got pushed to the next release since I am the slowest person on the planet with NifScope and did not want to have you guys wait another month for CK fixes since some of them were so pressing. HOWEVER Sunshine Tidings has the *Real* glass in place so you get a nice preview of how ALL our windows will look in the next version. Make sure to look for Light Switches. Some of the Rebuilds now have working light switches. They all will likely get them by the next version *(unless the settlement would not make sense with working lights).

NOTE: A new optional file has been uploaded to allow you to restore the vines at all rebuilds for those who like them or have pretty vines mods to show them off. Thank Lapdragon for this one. 

SPECIAL THANKS go to Loard Vader for the navmesh portion of the fix for the water spawning fix at Croup Manor. :)

Rebuilt Team

NOTE: If you are updating from a previous version you will need to rename this version to the same name as the old one in order to NOT lose your stuff in the Fallout Shelter at Coastal Cottage. If you want to go ahead and use the updated naming you can move your things to the outside and save your game, then get the name changed version installed and load up the save and take your things back into the shelter. Any user built containers are safe. We needed to go ahead and get the names consistent to prepare for the next versions additions.

You can go to their individual pages for specifics, but this is an all-in-one combined version of the following mods:
    Rebuilt Croup Manor
    Rebuilt Somerville Place
    Rebuilt Taffington Boathouse
    Rebuilt Spectacle Island Hotel
    Rebuilt Series Prewar Houses
    Rebuilt Jamaica Plain
    Rebuilt Kingsport Lighthouse
    Rebuilt Sunshine Tidings 
    Rebuilt Tenpines Bluff

I've also gotten permission to include as options in the installer Gandalf's Window Repair and Cleaning Service by gandalftw, and the Cell Reset Workaround Patch by Lapdragon (Cell Reset Workaround is being looked at since it is broken by either patch version 1.5 or Far Harbor currently) - make sure to go thank them for all their work!

Some Details.
1. This uses only vanilla parts to restore the houses.
2. The locking doors that all my "Rebuilts" get does not go into the Lore version. Initial release is Lore on this one and no locking doors, but  v1.0 of the "fully rebuilt" version will have them.
3. I do NOTHING to the locations that would change the Story behind the location.
4. You can fast travel from inside the homes. If you place the fast travel target inside the house in build mode you can fast travel into the house also.

1. In order to have your Power Armor not reset go and get Buildable Power Armor Frames by Lapdragon. Read his description for instructions but basically it allows you to scrap and then rebuild your Power Armor so that it won't reset to T45 if you leave it in a changed Cell. You MUST use this mod or one that does the same thing to prevent your Power Armor from reverting back to the T45 stuff. This is an Engine bug that we can only work around until Bethesda fixes it. It is triggered by changing a cell's data, and in order to make these houses nice I had to make changes.

2. You need the following in your fallout 4 INI file to fix the sprint bug associated with the cell resets - I've included it in the installer, but if you use a manual install, you'll need to put it in by hand.


1. Buildable Power Armor Frames By lapdragon
2. Cell Reset Workaround Patch By lapdragon
3. Scrappable Commonwealth By lapdragon
4. Build All The Beds By lapdragon Lets you scrap/build/move all the beds in our settlements.
5. Simple Intersection By Draco856
6. Gandalf's Window Repair and Cleaning Service by gandalftw
7. Buildable Burning Campfires and Fireplaces by  Necrocytosis special thanks to Necrocytosis for permission to include the nice fireplaces and campfires in the Rebuilt series, and generally help fix up the Commonwealth. Make sure to go and endorse their work!
8.  Snap'n Build by  ad3d0 special thanks to ad3d0 for permission to use some doorway resources of his. :)
9. Settlement Expansion by  jkoroll14 These expansions were designed specifically to go along with the Rebuild's and works well. I test it with the Rebuilds I am testing and working on. :)
10. and of course all my "Rebuilt" mods (next I am going to combine them for a separate all in one mod for all the rebuilds for people who want them all.) And as always each is standalone if you want. Links below.    Rebuilt Croup Manor
    Rebuilt Somerville Place
    Rebuilt Taffington Boathouse
    Rebuilt Spectacle Island Hotel
    Rebuilt Series Prewar Houses
    Rebuilt Jamaica Plain
    Rebuilt Kingsport Lighthouse
    Rebuilt Sunshine Tidings 
    Rebuilt Tenpines Bluff

For anyone intrested my other mod Safely Scrap Covenant Turrets will allow you to scrap the non owned turrets at Covenant so you can build your own.

Many thanks to the maker of XEdit without which this and MANY other Cool Mods would not be possible.