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with this mod now you can make raiders fly with your power armor fists (and other power armor goodnes) just like in the tv series.
(.esl flag... don't use a load order slot)

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With this mod now you can make raiders fly with your power armor fists (and other power armor goodnes) just like in the tv series.
(Install, uninstall or update when not using power armor)

1. now with no weapon equipped in power armor, you can just punch people and send them flying.
larger creatures like deathclaws, behemots, sentry bots and such are excluded.
also people don't fly when is a fatal blow... that's a vanilla thing, nothing i can do about it. [try the nerfed version if that bothers you] (adding the effect to melee weapons would mean to edit all weapons and make so many mods incompatible, so it's just unarmed for now, might change it to a perk or such in the future, but for my experience in skyrim applying a combat hit effect can bring some problems like cancel other effects of the weapon)

2. unarmed and melee damage in power armor is buffed
(because of the hydraulics and such) i mean, you should do a lot more damage when hitting someone with a sledgehammer in power armor right? [might be overpowered] let me know... but for example, a supersledge has a base damage of 40... and power armor fist had like.... 10.... now it has 100.... plus the buff.  (in the video kills raider in one punch, if they had better armor they can survive and they fly) the balancing might need some tweaks because i only play in survival with hardcore mods so i need lots of damage. [added a nerfed version, still more than vanilla]

3. you can jump higher. (i tried not to trigger the power landing every time so it's not too much)

4. when you use power armor you can hear a subtle ENGINE SOUND (is not too loud) like a functioning machine (i always feel like it's just a suit that you put on and not like a vehicle, a heavy and powerful machine) now, it is!!  [all downloads have a "no sound" option inside]

5.you can carry a lot more. (in vanilla it just buffed your strength, so any armor like a backpack altering carry weight would get nullified and in some cases you would end up with less carry weight in power armor, now you have like 500+ always, when in power armor)

6. i added as a bonus that you can't get the vault 81 disease when in power armor (if you have a mod for that don't worry, they would overlap with no problems)

-the PA footsteps sound is another mod Power armor movement sounds
-lucy as a companion it's just a preset from the nexus applied to a generic companion npc from the mod "outcasts and remnants" and renamed her lucy in fo4edit (sorry... i'll ask the authors if they let me uplad her or something) sorry for my english.

there are various diferent versions, as optional downloads, and inside the packed FOMOD pick your version during installation:

(this mod changes the power armor fists and the power armor spell that you get when you enter power armor, so any mod that alters those would be overriden or not depending of your load order) [it is compatible with the mod better power armor because that edits the perk so you get no damage as long as the armor pieces are at full health and i recommend using it alongside this ;-) ]

for uninstall, exit power armor, save, close the game, uninstall.

if you like the mod, endorse!! happy punching!! 

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