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Overhauls the Minutemen faction (in a lore friendly way) to more closely resemble the Continental Army and put them on the same level relative to the other major factions.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin

General Changes
- Adds ranks to the Minutemen.
- Minutemen will now level with the player to a certain extent. e.g. Minutemen that spawn at level 1 will level with the player until level 10, Minutemen that spawn at level 8 will level with the player up to level 15, and so on.
- Changed the weapons and armor Minutemen spawn in.
    - They will start with Metal Armor for early levels as they will mostly be fighting opponents that use ballistics.
    - They will then progress to Leather and then Combat Armor as more enemies use energy weapons, including potential enemy factions.
- Adds legendary variants to the Minutemen NPCs.
- Minutemen flare spawn will now be picked from the high level Minutemen in the leveled list depending on the player's level.

Faction NPC Perks
- Adds perks to faction NPCs that unlock better effects as you progress through the faction's quest line e.g. completing "The Nuclear Option" would unlock a chance to stagger. Note that additional effects like stagger and disarm would only affect NPC vs NPC so if you are fighting the faction, you will not get staggered all over the place.

New NPCs
- Adds new higher level NPCs that correspond with the Continental Army ranks.
- Cavalry or Dragoons would be Minutemen in T-45 power armor.

New Random Encounters
- Adds new assault encounters that uses Random Encounter Framework (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/60074). This change aims to give the faction more interaction with the rest of the Commonwealth.
    - If you have built up the Minutemen then sided with the Nuka World raiders, you will see Minutemen fighting your new friends.
    - If you cleared the Nuka World raiders in "Open Season", you will see assault encounters with Minutemen fighting the Nuka World raiders in the Commonwealth and on Nuka World.
    - You will see Minutemen defending some Settlers from the Mechanist bots.

 Recommended Mods

While not required to run this mod, these are the ones I am currently using alongside this:
Bastion - A Power Armor Overhaul
- You and What Army
- Combat Armor Recolors (what the combat armor colors are in the screenshots)
Diverse Minutemen


This mod is designed to be modular. You can use the changes to the Encounters separately if you have other faction overhauls.


Whenever possible, vanilla record changes are done through RobCo.

Weapons and Armor Faction Overhauls
- These refer to overhauls that edit the vanilla NPC weapons or armor leveled lists.
- Will need to be patched so the new NPCs added by this mod would use the new weapons and armor. Otherwise, they will be using whatever is vanilla.
- Another option is to not install the Leveled List option under Extras which edit the NPC armor leveled list.
- Overhauls like We Are The Minutemen override the vanilla Minutemen Outfit so even the new NPCs added by this mod would get the changes so it would not need a patch.

Faction NPC Stats Overhaul
-  These are faction overhauls that edit the vanilla NPC stats. Example of this is We Are The Minutemen.
- If you want the changes from the other faction overhaul, then do not install the Vanilla module of this mod.


Feel free to make patches or translations with this mod.

 Credits and Thanks

- Zzyxzz for RobCo Patcher (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/69798)
- Glitchfinder for the Random Encounter Framework (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/60074)