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About this mod

The Borders Of The World - mod changes the boundaries of the Fallout 4 game world to the maximum possible distance. Game world borders changed in Commonwealth, Nuka-World and Far Harbor. Stop creating locations in the Boston area, now we have a huge empty space available.

Permissions and credits
The mod also adds new places and will add more and more new places and locations in updates.

 Bethesda and Todd Howard have already created an amazing world and there are mods that change a non-lorno specific area (this is not good).
Use free space.
 This mod will add new places in updates, so if you want to add your locations and places based on this mod, write to me, together we will create maximum compatibility.

Click "ENDORSE" to let more people see this mod. We need a great Commonwealth. Also add me as a friend.

What does this mod do?

- Moves invisible walls as far as possible. [You cannot go that way] The message will appear very far.
- When you go beyond the vanilla borders, it will rain, fog, a storm are possible. Ini parameter "bBorderRegionsEnabled=0" didn't do it.
- Reduced flickering of the surrounding world, the disappearance of the earth.
- Adding locations (Armory - the workshop is not a settlement, it was conceived as a player's weapons storage)
- Small area with navmeshes. Made especially for Boston Photo Studio mod.
- A cave without loading, it has not yet been invented what will be there.

If you explore an unoccupied space, be careful, you can fall somewhere and crash.

Women's clothing in fashion uses the default BodySlide preset - Kira Body - CBBE BodySlide Presets

(See in IMAGES)

Update 0.02
- Added Vault 88 Train Tunnels location. Clear the littered train tunnels in Vault 88 and get out.
- Added Vault Security Armor 88.
- Added Vault-Tec Women's Underwear and Vault-Tec Men's Briefs. You can also download a separate mod with craft - Vault-Tec Underwear - Vanilla Underwear - 9 Colors - Male and Female - Record Flags ESL
- Added new Vault-Tech color for kids toy truck and blue Teddy Bear.
- Added expanded Commonwealth map. It will improve with the development of the mod.
- Fixed Fort Hagen satellite array flickering.


- Mozenrath - Patch01 TBOTW Wall Removal Tunnel Vault 88 - If there is a wall left in vault 88 while clearing debris (other mods can bring it back), use this patch or the console commands "disable" or "markfordelete" (Record Flags ESL).
Mozenrath - Patch02 TBOTW Map Coordinates - Other mods can change the parameters of the Pip-Boy map, so use this patch, it should be at the very bottom of the load order 
(Record Flags ESL).


It is not known how your version of the game will perceive such a global change, so you install this mod at your own peril and risk. The author of the mod is not responsible for technical problems caused by this mod.

Let's talk about good

I have been playing with this mod for about half a year, I have not noticed any special changes in the operation of Fallout 4. The important thing is that I have a lot of plugins installed that fix the game engine. (For example Buffout 4)
In the end, I will say that the mod has great potential, if you are a mod creator and you have ideas, write to me, together we will come up with something.
For example and experiment, I made Boston Photo Studio mod.


Copy the files in the game folder and activate the esp.

Place The Borders Of The World at the end of the load order to prevent other mods from overwriting data blocks, or set the load order to your liking based on which mods you have installed.


Remove the contents of this mod.

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