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Adds new radiation-based enemies, creatures and weapons.

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  • Mandarin

What is it?
- It's another collection of additional content for your games. It was initially going to just be a COA faction pack, but it kind of diversified as I went along.
- Note: Most of the included content will be found in either the Glowing Sea or in Far Harbour. You're not liable to find them in the general Commonwealth.
- Requires Automatron, Far Harbour and Nuka-World DLC.

What's included?

In the world.
- Glowing rocks - Shiny glowing rocks (you'll know them when you see them). Can be used as nuclear material scrap or as ammo for a weapon (see under 'Utility' in the Chem Bench).
- Fireflies - A new insectoid enemy, comes in three sizes - Firefly swarms, Fireflies, and Firefly Queens. The latter two pack a fiery punch and the Queen can spawn her own reinforcements. You'll find their nests scattered around Radioactive areas, and their body parts can be used either in cooking or for a new hot grenade.
- Feral Ghoul Spitters - Because Ferals can always get more gross. These guys are clearly spent too much time around the heavy radiation...
- Fog Haunter - Not many of these around (thankfully). Can be found somewhere in Far Harbour.

The Children of Atom (the Far Harbour group, not the peaceful bunch sat around the crater or the angry ones at the lighthouse).
- Strident Zealots - Warriors of Atom garbed in makeshift Exo-frames, unperturbed by the radiation all around them. These guys come armed with one of two new weapons (or Radium Rifles I guess).
- Shard Cannon - A portable rock grinder dury-rigged onto a cannon, fires the aformentioned radioactive rocks at enemies in a variety of sizes (the rocks, not the enemies...). Convert your Glowing rocks into ammo at the Chem Bench.
- Bolt Rifle - Wouldn't it be fun to fire irradiated nails at people instead of boring old, non-radioactive nails? Ammo can be crafted at the Chem Bench.

The Divided.
A new bunch of Raiders essentially. I wondered what it must be like for those followers of Atom who find themselves first falling prey to Ghoulism, then the slow descent to Feraldom (if those are indeed words). Would they be cast out from the church, unworthy of Atoms love, lurking in irradiated zones, banding together for support and survival. Perhaps they feel that they are Atom's chosen...
- Divided Raiders - Ghouls outfitted in ramshackle armour and their precious radiation weapons, many of them go gagged or muzzled to prevent them falling prey to their growing Feral instincts...
- Atom Blessed - Radiation can't be all bad can it? Sometimes Ghouls don't shrivel up, they just get...bigger. They wield heavy weaponry and are clad in armour fashioned from the wastelands fearsome beasts.

Recommended Mods.
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https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7951 (Especially the Ghoul, Deathclaw and Mirelurk textures included)
SavrenX Super Mutant HD Armor - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40253
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Before you ask, no I'm not sure if it's compatible with South of the Sea. I haven't had a chance to try. This mod makes additions to the Glowing Sea in its distinct layers, so hey, let me know in the comments if it works!