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Brand new handmade rocket rifle! A fun Fallout-y weapon with a junky aesthetic.

Permissions and credits
The handmade rocket rifle is the solution for an early to mid-game explosive weapon. Don't want to wait forever to get a missile launcher? Then the rocket rifle is the weapon for you.

This weapon does half the damage of the missile launcher, allowing it to fair pretty well against small groups of humanoid enemies, but not great against beefy targets like deathclaws or sentry bots.

How to Get
The rocket rifle starts spawning in the leveled lists after level 8, and can be found on Raider bosses, gunner bosses and the occasional minuteman.

The animations in this mod are an altered set of the double barrel animations created by Diacute. These anims remove the shell ejection, that way you don't have a mysterious second rocket.

Ammo Type
The rocket rifle makes use of the New Vegas "rocket" ammo. In it's current state that is just a visual change, and the weapon still uses missiles. Once munitions 1.1 drops, proper rockets will be used.

Unique Variant
The Unique variant of this weapon adds a nuclear option, and can be found with a certain scientist hiding in the glowing sea.

Known Issues
Third person is kinda wonky. Solution: Play in first person.

Final Notes
This was a fun little weapon to make, testing to see if I could create a full weapon mod in a very small time frame. This was also a test to show off the many applications of the assets featured in my asset pack. These useful little gubbins add a lot of spice to handmade weapon mods, check them out here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/69011

As always any of my assets are free to use for your own fallout mods, just please credit where credit is due.

Diacute - altered animation set
Alexerator - original rocket mesh and texture
CodeBlackCrash - Munitions and unique variant idea
Pig - reflex sight nif
Myself - everything else

If you'd like to support my work directly, you can do so here: https://www.patreon.com/degeneratedak