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The title is satire, it's time to tear down every object in the game! Contains ZERO cell edits.

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This is an expansive mod that adds scrapping recipes for a huge number of different objects and items, built primarily to provide full player control in settlements. Originally this was meant as a companion to other more well-known scrapping mods, but now it is entirely standalone and intended to be pretty much the only scrap mod you'll ever need.

I envision this as a mod for settlement builders like myself, who want options to truly tear down everything in-game and rebuild anew, but also of great use to users who want a curated settlement experience with precombines intact. Please for the love of anything, read the FAQ before asking questions. Somehow this mod causes great confusion.

This mod covers or is intended to cover:
  • All statics - in the base game, these are the ONLY things that get packed into a precombine. Whether you can scrap them depends on whether you have precombines turned on or off. (WIP)
  • All moveable statics - the base game does not allow for the scrapping of all moveable statics, like skeletons or gore or bits of destroyed plants. (WIP)
  • All flora - the base game does not allow the scrapping of wild flora. (DONE)
  • All bendable splines - this means ropes and wires, which the base game doesn't allow you to scrap. (DONE)
  • All NPCS - this means you can scrap bodies, which again, the base game won't allow. Read the warning below. (DONE)
  • All furniture - Interactive furniture is not statics and not contained in precombines, but the base game does not contain recipes for all furniture. (WIP)
  • All containers - the base game does not contain recipes for all containers, there are tons you can't normally scrap (WIP)
  • All idles - the base game really doesn't want to let you scrap these, so you have to deal with the hammering at Sanctuary. Now you don't. (DONE)
  • All water - with the sole exception of the actual ocean, you can scrap bodies of water, not possible in the base game (DONE).
  • All hazards - radiation, fire, etc, can now be "scrapped" via this mod, which the base game wouldn't allow. (DONE).
  • Most effects - Annoying sparks in your settlement? Hate the mist? Delete it. Again, something the base game wouldn't allow. (DONE)

Things this mod cannot ever cover, unfortunately:
  • Texture decals. These are texture projections rather than physical objects, and there's no way for the player to interact with them, sorry.
  • Anybody's passionate feelings about Starfield, whether positive or negative.
  • Student loans.

Mod authors, if you're rebuilding precombines and previs, you can point your users to this mod if you'd like to provide scrapping options for users that don't involve INI edits or packaging your own recipes.

This mod is scrap recipes ONLY. It does not and will never touch cells, previs and precombines, etc, by deliberate design. This means the amount of use you get out of it depends on whether you choose to keep or break precombines in your game. Reminder that for maximum use, make sure bUseCombinedObjects=0 is set in your fallout4custom.ini

Scrap Just A Bit More Stuff is made as part of my suite of mods that address settlements in a vanilla-friendly non-obtrusive way. Each mod is independent, but are made to compliment each other, and I recommend running one or more together.
Vanilla Settler Tweaks | Scrap Just A Bit More Stuff 
Starlight Intergalactic Theater | Fallonstown | GNN Plaza | Peabody Home

Any time you like. From 1.3 onwards: Place this early in your load order, preferably as close to the base-game as possible. This will allow any mods you have that add crafting and scrapping recipes/components to overwrite this mod if there are conflicts. Or, if you'd prefer, you can place this last in your load order to overwrite mod scrap recipes. I wouldn't recommend this unless you actively dislike the recipes added by the mod author.

This goes without saying, but scrapping comes with risks. Make sure you definitely want to scrap the item you have selected. This especially goes for NPCs. If you scrap them whilst they are still alive, it's possible for all sorts of bugs to happen, especially if they are in combat or a quest-giver. The responsibility for your actions lie on you, don't key mash scrapping or use the scrapall command without due consideration and awareness of consequences.

Automatron (v1.5+)
Far Harbor (v1.5+)
Vault-Tec Workshop (v1.5+)
Nuka-World DLC

Should be safe to use with absolutely anything! This mod is almost entirely brand new CK forms, the only exceptions being the item edits shown in screenshots.
The one conflict I know of is USO, which adds a paper component to the game for crafting, and conflicts on the aforementioned items.

Credits & Inspiration:
jackapoint for the original inspiration via Nuka World Settlements, and contributions to earlier versions of the mod.
shadowslasher410 and VIitS for creating Scrap Everything, which if it didn't exist as a model, I wouldn't have been inspired to create this mod.