Fallout 4
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About this mod

The idea behind this mod is to make Nuka-World more alive, especially if the player choose not to follow the raider path.
This mod provides 14 fully working REGULAR settlements, 7 Homes, new map markers, unique npc's and some minor enhancement for Nuka World.

Permissions and credits
  • French


15 fully working REGULAR settlements that can be taken or raided.
8 interior homes
35 new map markers
Unique enemies
Minor enhancements


A total of 10 settlements in the main parks terrain
- Nuka City --> Nuka Town USA center area and the area surrounding the market
- Fizztop Grille --> Fizztop Grille Restaurant and the Fizztop Lake/Patio area
- Nuka Kingdom --> Kiddie Kingdom area
- Nuka Star --> Galactic Zone area
- Nuka West --> Dry Rock Gulch area
- Employess Area --> Dry Rock Gulch employees area
- Nuka Safari --> Safari Adventure area
- Nuka Factory --> Nuka Cola Bottling Plant Yard area
- Nuka Cola Bottling Plant --> Nuka Cola Bottling Plant Interior area
- Nuka Town Market --> Nuka Town Market area


Another 5 settlements outside of main Nuka World
- Nuka World Transit Center --> Nuka World Transit Center area
- Hubologist Camp --> Hubologist Camp area
- Riverside Farm --> West of the main gate of Nuka World
- Barlow Estate --> The House on the north-east from Bradberton
- Vault-Tec Facility --> Located west of Northpoint reservoir


8 Homes for those who want to build their own player home.
- Fizztop Grille Interior (workshop linked to the external Fizztop Grille workshop)
- Fizztop Mountain (Disciples)
- The Parlor (Operators)
- Bradberton Amphitheater (Pack)
- Nuka World Backstage (Pack)(workshop linked to Bradberton Amphitheater workshop)
- Primate House (Cito and Gorillas)(workshop linked to Nuka Safari workshop)
- Cappy's Cafe (workshop linked to Nuka Market workshop)
- King Cola's Castle Tower (workshop linked to Nuka Kingdom workshop)


Added map markers up to 35 locations inside Nuka world


Changed some enemies to have unique names


Fixed or repaired some objects not working properly


Use Nexus Mod Manager or extract manually the .esp into your Fallout/Data folder

Please save your game before install or use it in a new fresh game.

PLEASE  for more info check the articles.

Logs details in the DOCS section of the mod.

Thank you very much :)
Enjoy the mod ;)