Fallout 4
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Put Ballistic Weave on everything

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A mod based off of A Can of Win's Expanded Ballistic Weave Except I've gone and added it to pretty much anything that can be worn, including armor pieces and power armor, I suggest using Can of Win's mod if you prefer a more balanced approach
This mod Requires all DLCs that add new armor sets, Armor and Weapons Keyword Community Resource (AWKCR), and Concealed armors.

It is entirely possible that this mod is not compatible with Armorsmith however I have ran it just fine with it near the bottom of the load order.
Of course by the time this is out A Can of Win has already released an update, but this is for those who just want a single esp and want ballistic weave on anything that's wearable.

this is also compatible with the More Weaves mod. As is A Can of Win's.