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Adds 3d Trees LOD models for Far Harbor.

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Far Harbor 3D Tree LODs adds 3D tree models and alpha optimized textures for the pine trees in Far Harbor that feature a balance between visuals and performance while reducing the pop in effect typically seen upon transition. This does cost a small amount of fps, but I think that it is worth it, especially since my Far Harbor performance is quite good in comparison to other areas.

The Vanilla Far Harbor tree LODs are low quality billboard models and were designed to be overly thick in order to hide the fact that there wasn't much to see off in the distance. This causes tree pop in (or perhaps more technically "pop out") when the full size tree is loaded, which has about half the leaf structure. Also, vanilla LODs were likely created earlier than the final models in the design process, as a lot of the LOD textures are significantly brighter than their full model counterparts. This is especially apparent on the beach pine trees.

Videos showing the bad vanilla tree LOD pop in:


I have hand-created these 3D LODs based on the original models and textures, so they will be more geometrically correct and of proper leaf/branch size to nearly eliminate pop in.

Now with my 3D LODs:


Out of the box, this only works for vanilla textures, but mod authors can adapt the textures to work with their mod.

Install and activate like any other mod. By itself, this mod does nothing. You must regenerate Object LOD using FO4LODGen to see the new models. Please see my Usage guide here for basic instructions. It is recommended to use an alpha threshold of 128 with BC7 Quick diffuse texture format to achieve the desired branch and leaf details.

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