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Savage Land is waiting for its researchers! Collect your tents with pots and go to explore the destroyed frontier.

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Attention. This mod is no longer supported. follow the new adventures here https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/63288?tab=description

Hello everyone! My name is Basil, and this is my first mod ever.A new world space created from scratch for you.
This world is about half of the original Fallout, according to the Creation Kit, it has 1085 cells.
This is my first attempt to create at the same time a simple geometry landscape that would be saturated in terms of flora - grass, bushes, trees, stones.
The world is a wilderness, which clearly makes it clear that there are only fragments of a man-made world left here, reminding that there was once a civilization here
.Perfect for those who like to explore, travel, hunt, survive.
50 locations
2 workshops
enemy camps
predator dens
Space for walking

To get to Savage Land, go to the Minutemen castle, and there will be a new ship on the south side, which has a door for you to start the journey.

This mod is not perfect, it has small flaws, yet this is my first experience. I would appreciate it if during the game you would note for me what you liked and what in your opinion did not look very good. Enjoy it!

I still have a fairly mediocre command of the Creation Kit, and therefore there may be inconsistencies or errors. If you can make a fix or make a translation into your native language, then you have full permission to do so.

version 1.1 fixed lods
version 1.2 changed the position of the ship to move to Savage Lands for better compatibility. Piers have been added to the arrival and workshop ships.
version 1.3 Fixes for workshops - after using Workshop, the green border should disappear. Removed a terminal from a military base that caused an inappropriate vanilla quest.
Version 1.4 Cleared on Fo4Edit

Special thanks to YouTube blogers for their reviews: 
Vault Boy 101 [Mods for Fallout, Skyrim & More] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ2pXYPVkTw&list=LL&index=2&t=7s

Al ChestBreach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4GfSddSxrc&list=LL&index=3

Отдельное спасибо Basil44 за его наблюдательность в Fo4edit.