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Re-work of Sanctuary Hills. Slightly rundown but still more appealing than the destroyed "modern" houses from the vanilla game.

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A re-work of Sanctuary hills. Replaced the run-down "modern" homes with what could be considered more comfortable buildings. Cleaned up most of the trash covering the street. Added a couple of ponds for water sources and tweaked the landscape slightly. Added a few green trees. Added a small barn for livestock.NOTE - Only enable this mod AFTER you complete the Codsworth quest of searching the homes, otherwise you will have issues completing it. You may have grass clipping depending upon whatever green mods you may be using.The screen shots are from my PC, where I am using different texture/green/water/weather mods, so it will not look exactly the same as the pictures.The crib is there, well, because it is...

I would recommend using  Cheat Terminal at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com) to get all of the building materials you need to turn the settlement into a thriving community...

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Installation: Vortex or your preferred mod manager. Manually, if you really want to...