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Tenpines Bluff Blueprint. Requires only Transfer Settlement Mod, its pre-requisites and DLCs. 508 items.

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This Blueprint installs to slot 4 by default.

You will need to have installed Transfer Settlements (I used v1.93) and its pre-requisites: F4SE and HUDFramework.

The settlement has 3 beds, 3 water, 12 food, 15 power and 48 defence. This build also has chemistry, power armour, armour, weapon and cooking stations.

There are 508 items to import. Whilst this is a small build, the number of trees may tax some graphic cards. If you are having performance issues you can remove some trees or turn off God Rays.

Before importing, remove all the original items that the game lets you, then remove the beds as well. Beds can be removed with disable and then markfordelete console commands, or with the extra objects option enabled in place everywhere, or a scrapping tool. Alternatively you can keep the beds and just remove the crafting stations in the shack after import.

The json file is just a list of objects and their locations and as such should not have issues importing.  If there are problems,  try selecting general settings, scroll down and choose PRESET: stable. This might help in some circumstances though the import will take longer, otherwise there is help in this excellent article or on the  transfer settlement mod page. I think there is also a discord server as well.

I did use Place Everywhere to make this build (though you don't need this) and I spawned some scrapable items using the console.