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Allows new outfit variants added by More Outfit Variations to be modified at a workbench using ACO.

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So I really liked the variety that More Outfit Variations adds to the game, but like many, I also run Armor and Clothing Overhaul and found that the new variants can't be modified at the armor bench. This mod simply enables the addon slots to add Balistic Weave and Legendary modifications using ACO/Crafting Framework for the new outfits and accesories that come with More Outfit Variations.

Obviously, this requires both Armor and Clothing Overhaul (ACO) by DankRafft  and More Outfit Variations by sakura9 as well as any DLC required by those mods.
Crafting Framework also by DankRafft is required only if you want to be able to add legendary effects to the items. Otherwise, you can only add weaves.

What this does:
  • Enables all new clothing variants, masks and scarves added by MOV to be equipped with Balistic Weave and Legendary effects.
  • Fixes MOV's abillity to wear the new scarves with bandanas.
  • Allows the unique variants of some outfits added by MOV to be used with ACO.
  • Removed some of the built-in armor slots from a few of the new outfits (so you can wear regular armor pieces):

Surveyor Outfit (both)
Patched Three Piece Suit
Padded Brown Jacket
Helmeted Drifter Armor
Climber Outfit

Note: Just as with some vanila outfits, there are a lot of clipping issues with adding armor over the new outfits, so unless you're ok with that, I would use ACO's ability to hide armor pieces. Also, I Tried to remove the armor slots from all of the new outfits, but removing these slots seems to break things and you end up with missing limbs or the outfit not working/appearing altogether, most notably on the all the jackets.

Another note: I did not touch the changes that MOV makes to other vanila clothing outside of MOV's unique versions, as I have not encountered any of them yet, and if I have, I haven't yet seen a need to, so I'm not sure exactly what changes need to be made.

Final note: While I have made minor tweaks and patches to my own games in the past, this is my first attempt at publishing a mod/patch on Nexus. Although I have tested and currently use it without issue in my personal game, I am inexperienced and there may be things I have missed. I do hope everything works well for you and doesn't severely break anything (back up your saves!). Please let me know if you encounter any issues and I will do my best to try and (hopefully) fix them. Thanks!