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Adds a myriad of things to Arroganz82's FallEvil - Hunter Beta mod!
(Craftable Food, Droppable Loot, Settlement Defender, Mirelurk Hunter Replacer, and much more!)

Permissions and credits
Love Resident Evil, love Fallout, love seeing them blend. Arroganz82's Hunters is a wonderful mod that adds a new unique enemy to the Commonwealth! 

- Renames 'Hunters' to 'Antumbral / Penumbral / Umbral Hunter'
- Replaces the Mirelurk Hunter LL (not uniques / handplaced spawns in the world!)
- Screen no longer shakes when they walk
- Made them slightly weaker, but more common (ie Mirelurk instead of Deathclaw race)
- Drop Hunter Meat on death, which can be cooked to create Hunter Steak
- See stronger versions earlier and more often
- Now scale with the player!
- New (resource rich) death items
- Craftable settlement defender  
- Reduced size

*Obviously requires FE - HB, replace his esp with mine.

Lore / Reasoning:
- Mirelurks instead of deathclaws: I already use Mutant Creatures (which is a great addition to the Deathclaw LL) so I wanted them to fit in somewhere else. Also love the design so wanted them to be more common than Deathclaws. 

- ML Hunter replacer: IMO ML H's are the laziest designed creatures in FO4, already had them removed in my game, this gives me something to replace the lobsters with! Only replaces the LL, not handplaced events / uniques in the World!

- Craftable Defender (made up lore to justify): Mature Hunters incubate their eggs inside their bodies (as opposed to clutches). By claiming the egg from their bodies, the young can be tamed and taught to defend your settlements!

*I MIGHT create a version that keeps the Hunters in the DC LL, or just add them to the ML LL, however Ive already finished this one and probably wont take the time to make something I wont use.