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Expanding on the idea of equipping chems from virtual body slots and using them in a more 'VR Centric' way; Virtual Chems will provide Fallout 4 VR / FRIK players with 5 body slots which can be used to assign and then equip chems from in real time. Once in hand, chems can be virtually inhaled, ingested or injected!

Permissions and credits

Virtual Chems allows you to assign chems to 5 different virtual body slots and supports all of the main (non-DLC) chems which are not 1 time use items.

Chems are equipped in real time by reaching for one of the body slots with your offhand controller and the pressing its grip button (button is configurable), once in hand and depending on the chem you equipped you can virtually consume it by raising it to your mouth or stabbing it into the back of your hand making for a more immersive chem experience.

The 5 'Chem Body Slots' are fully configurable; select your chem of choice from the holotapes menu and then using RollingRocks FRIK "BoneSpheres" players can for the first time, toggle on sphere visibility and use the mods holotape to reposition slots with a visual representation of their position on the player body in relation to the bone they are connected too! No more guess work, just move / resize the slot spheres to your liking and toggle off visibility when you're done!

Chem Slots are configured for the following locations:

  • Chem Slot 1: Left Shoulder
  • Chem Slot 2: Right Shoulder
  • Chem Slot 3: Chest
  • Chem Slot 4: Left Hip
  • Chem Slot 5: Right Hip (slightly toward the stomach area for easy access)


Virtual Chems has a hard dependency on the following mods, make sure you install them before taking any chems!

  • F4SEVR
  • Fallout4VRTools
  • FRIK - Full Body Player Avatar

How to install

  • Simple! Just use Vortex or MO2 to install this mod, there are no .ini tweaks or any other oddities.


All of the mods chems, slots, equip buttons etc can all be configured in the mods holotape. Just check your Pipboy under the 'Misc' section for the holotape called 'Configuration: Virtual Chems'. In the rare event that the holotape did not get added to your inventory one can be crafted at your local chemstation.

Remember... "If the drugs don't work..." you've likely missed one of the mods dependencies or have the 'VirtualChems.esp' after mod 127 in your load order, move it somewhere between 1 & 126 in your load order.

In the short term 'Rad-Away' is consumed orally, I plan to change this to something more fitting in the future.

A quick note to any of you using the newer versions of the excellent 'FRIK' mod, currently it is not possible for me to pose the fingers
while chems are in your off hand. You will likely see your fingers clipping through the chems if you're moving them about - hopefully when Rolling Rock has some time he'll add a papyrus function to FRIK so I can either disable finger tracking while chems are equipped or to be able to pose the fingers.

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

Version 1.3.0

  • Added 'Left Handed Mode' which can be toggled on/off via the mods Holotape menu
  • Created 'Right Hand' versions of all chems to support left handed mode
  • Changed Chems to use 'Slot 58' to avoid conflicts with the backpack mod used in Gingas Wabbajack list
  • Added option to Holotape to toggle haptics on sphere overlap (Left/Right Shoulder slots will use haptics regardless of setting)
  • Added option to Holotape to toggle sphere visibility on sphere overlap (Only supports: Chest, Left/Right Hip spheres)
  • Resolved bug with chems getting stuck in an equipped state
  • Resolved bug where spheres could become unresponsive
  • Resolved bug where chems could be equipped while in menus (Pipboy, terminal etc)
  • Removed depreciated 'Show all Spheres' option from the mods Holotape
  • Other optimisations and fixes to scripts
  • Important: When upgrading from a previous version of the mod ensure you: Remove the old version > Load the game & create a new save > Close the game and then install the new version of Virtual Chems

Version 1.3.2

  • Added finger FRIK poses for left hand when chems are equipped. Note: There is a slight bug in the FRIK finger pose function so occassionally the finger poses may look a little off - RollingRock is aware of this. Right hand (left hand mode) poses are still to come.

  • RollingRock16: For his work on the amazing 'FRIK - Full Body Player Avatar' Mod. Additional thanks for the time you spent adding the papyrus functions and code behind many of the functions this mod depends upon!
  • Frazaman: For his excellent port of VRTools + PapyrusVR to Fallout 4 VR. Honestly, another key modding tool we'd be lost without!
  • The F4SE Team: For F4SEVR

I have included all of the source for my mod in the hope that anyone wishing to contribute to the Fallout 4 VR modding scene but are unsure where to start or how to get 'VR Centric' things like the overlap spheres, controller haptics etc provided by VRTools or FRIK working. If you have any questions please feel free to take a look at the code and then hop on over to r/Fallout_VR where we can (hopefully) point you in the right direction. We won't make mods for you, but maybe we can help you make your vision a reality!

Due to issues with the moderator of r/FO4VR many of Fallout 4 VR's most talented content creators will no longer be providing support for their work, offering advice, guidance or frequenting that sub in any way. We hope to see you over on r/Fallout_VR where we're building a better community!

Cheers all - Cy