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Adds an image-sharpening post-process filter that fixes Fallout 4 VR's blurry visuals while still preserving the anti-aliasing effects of TAA.

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With Fallout 4 VR's implementation of Temporal Anti-Aliasing, you've had to make a choice between a sharper, but more aliased image, or a blurrier, but anti-aliased image. There have been various guides suggesting particular TAA values to produce some acceptable middle ground, while others have just disabled TAA altogether. You no longer have to!

This mod implements AMD's FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening filter to clean up Fallout 4 VR's blurry TAA visuals. The filter works on all GPUs and produces superior visuals that are both anti-aliased, but still reasonably sharp and clear. While the effect may look subtle in the screenshots, it is much more noticeable in-game.


Download and extract the archive to your Fallout installation, overwriting the existing openvr_api.dll. You may want to make a backup of that file in case you want to uninstall the mod later. You can edit the config file fo4_openvr.cfg and tweak a few parameters for the sharpening filter, although the defaults should work fine for most people.

Important: if you have previously tinkered with the TAA parameters or disabled TAA altogether, you should reenable it now and reset the parameters to their default values for best results. Otherwise, you may end up with an over-sharpened image with aliased edges. The default values are:

Note about the controller fix mod

If you've previously used my Oculus Touch controls emulation for Index or Cosmos controllers, please note that that fix is no longer required. The only thing you need is to choose an appropriate controller binding which is set to emulate Touch controls: Check your current binding by opening it in the SteamVR binding editor and look under "Legacy actions". If it's not set to emulate Oculus Touch, set it to do that and save the profile. You do need to have your controllers turned on before you launch the game.


v2.0 (changes contributed by /u/Parpinator)
  • enable higher-quality sharpening over diagonals in the shader
  • add an option to limit the max amount the sharpening filter can modify an individual pixel. This can be used to prevent issues of oversharpening, for example with flora in Skyrim VR. Note: this feature is disabled by default, you need to modify the "maxColorDelta" value in the config file. Set it to e.g. 0.07.

  • Initial release