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Adds in another version of the Enclave X-02 (APA MK.2) From Fallout 3. Including Tesla Variant.

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"Well I'll be damned. The Advanced Power Armor Mark II. This is superb. Absolutely superb."

Enclave Advanced Power Armor MK.II


Yet another Enclave APA Mod! What originally started as me trying to mimic the original concept art as close as possible has instead evolved over time to what it looks like now. This is the definitive version of this armor and I do not intend to do any further updates unless there are bug fixes that I need to do. This armor was considered the pinnacle of Power Armor Protection until the dreaded Hellfire was sighted in the Capital Wasteland and the stats reflect! There is no lining option for this armor, it's stats are equal to X-01 MK.VI from the moment you step inside.


The armor is located in its own little dungeon area inside Sentinel Site behind a forklift inside the tunnels. This does not require any progress down the BOS Questline, and should not interfere with this quest either.

This armor has nil requirements, all Tesla mods are independent of any DLC/CC.


I don't know how many people still mod FO4 nowadays but I'm more than happy for people to create custom paint jobs and welcome them. This mod only comes with 3 paint jobs, Standard/Enclave/BOS (With optional Ranks Knight and above unlocked through the BOS Questline same as T60.)

It is intentionally labeled as X-02 ingame, it will most likely create confusion if you're running all 3 X-02 mods, but I prefer this naming convention as it fits better with the other Power Armors instead of jumping to APA, etc... (Not that it'll matter when my Midwestern PA eventually releases....)


The main file has 2K Diff, Norm, 1K Spec. I don't recommend using these textures if your PC is decent, download either the 4K BSA or Loose files as they are of a much higher quality. The 2K Size is mainly for XBOX users when this gets uploaded there.


Adam Adamowicz - The concept artist behind this armor back for Fallout 3 and for shaping Beth's design and art from Oblivion up to Fallout 4.
The Team at Modiphius - For their absolutely wonderful Enclave X-02/Tesla 3D Models/Minatures. Their work inspired me to redesign a fair amount of parts on this armor and I'm really pleased with how it turned out compared to my initial version.
TheColonelMustard - For creating the Dungeon, heavily inspired by LT. Richter's story in Far Harbor.
CC-02/F76 - For giving me ideas on how to implement the Tesla Variant and prototype pieces of armor.