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The X-Files comes to Fallout 4 with this mod. Play as Mulder or Scully or recruit them as NPCs. Confront Men In Black.

Permissions and credits

X-Files version 1.8

* Introduces a major presence of Men In Black.
* Settlers are now Agents. They are dressed to impress, equipped as federal agents.

Mulder and Scully NPCs are at Sanctuary, who each have a unique SPECIAL based on their TV personas. They also have perks and special skill sets. See their specification sheets for more info.
Fox Mulder NPC specification sheet (facial features made by  intelfactor).
Dana Scully NPC specification sheet (facial features made by  intelfactor). 

Encore in 1.8 
The following NPCs have been placed in this update but are still being tested for quality and appearance. When they are completed, pictures and specs will be provided. You might by chance come across them.
Walter Skinner | X-Files Wiki | Fandom - Somewhere in South Boston (Credit to Boomageddon for suggesting Skinner).
John Doggett | X-Files Wiki | Fandom - Somewhere in the Commonwealth (Credit to Boomageddon for suggesting Doggett).
*  Alex Krycek | X-Files Wiki | Fandom (Somewhere in Diamond City, in a CK lot called "whatever")

Please see X-Files User Support section if you are having any problems with your mod.

Getting started
1. You really should be using Mod Organizer 2, especially for game overhauls like this one. That way you can switch from one overhaul to another, without interrupting your current or old game. See how, here at Mod Organizer 2 configuring profiles tutorial at Fandom.
2. During beta of X-Files, Start Me Up is recommended. You will be at the mirror to pick your characters, then will bypass the entire intro and Vault 111, getting right into the action. 
3. Recommend Looksmirror and Lights to access their presets so you can play them. Mulder appears by default in place of Nate.

Agents gameplay recommendations
Paranormal gameplay recommendations

* See Uninstall X-Files mod notes.

Morley cigarette pack is now available with this update file: Morley at Fallout 4 Nexus. This is a replacer item that replaces all Turtle packs in game as a fun pre-release. It will later be included with Cigarette Smoking Man, possibly as a stand-alone item that may appear less random, while bringing back Fallout's Turtle packs. Use ~ player.additem 000E3770 #3 to fetch three of them. If you started with  Start Me Up, unfortunately you will not be able to enter cheatmode. Working toward doing away (replacing) Start Me Up.

Next update
1.X-files sound effects  (For immersion).
2. More updates being done on Men In Black and their function.
3. FlukeMan at Fallout 4 Nexus will attack settlements.
4. Sanctuary rearranged to accommodate the Settlers as Agents.
5. Creatures reduced in size to humanoid levels or smaller. Ex: Deathclaws the size of humans, bugs and craboids much smaller, possibly making it harder to kill (will be testing).
6. Recruitable medical personnel (Doctors), able to cure and heal (who spawn as settlers, not just random NPCs).
Look for version 2.0

Future plans
Cancer Man
Cigarette Smoking Man | X-Files Wiki | Fandom with Morleys as a playable character and as an NPC with Quest line (Credit to BlazeStryker for the suggestion).

Familiar villains from the X-files series are in the works to come. They will attack your settlement, such as:
Eugene Victor Tooms | X-Files Wiki | Fandom (the squeeze man)
Luther Lee Boggs | X-Files Wiki | Fandom 
Darin Peter Oswald | X-Files Wiki | Fandom (DPO)
* Also, give a shot out to who you want to see in this mod (friendly or foe)
Alex Krycek | X-Files Wiki | Fandom as a villain. There will be a calculated chance that he will be equipped with a modded sniper rifle. Specifications will be provided when complete. As a Villain, there is plans for him to be suffering from the black oil, and you will see it in his eyes. His Villain character will use MIB companions. In the broader future, Krycek will start off as a companion quest to the player (who is Mulder, Scully, or fellow FBI), then Krycek will later turn into a villain who breaks away from your follower company. Included in these later plans, Kryek will be a playable character where you go against Mulder and Scully and side with the MIBs.

X-Files Radio 
* A real X-Files music soundtrack to be included in the game. Sample the songs here at X-Files music playlist (Official and unofficial) at Fallout 4 Nexus.

And other oddities...

I want to believe... this mod is awesome.