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Make Fallout 4 always take most of CPU usage
Increase FPS and Prevent suddenly lag caused by other processes

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Fallout Priority
Tired of setting priority manually every time after game startup?
This lightweight mod sets your game priority to High automatically.
It ensured the game always takes most of the CPU usage and prevents sudden lag caused by other processes.
Now Fallout can do the same.

Kick other processes out. Fallout is the only one that should have the whole CPU.
Be a wonder vault girl/boy Rude and Unreasonable.

F4SE DLL Only. No esp or papyrus script

SkyrimSE/Enderal SE Version: Skyrim Priority SE
SkyrimLE/Enderal LE Version: Skyrim Priority LE

  1.  Install by Mod Manager or Extract manually.
  2.  It's so simple that even don't have step 2

Q: How does this mod work?
Fallout Priority simply call the WinApi SetPriorityClass in F4SE Plugin DllMain.

Q: Work on the previous version of F4SE/VR?
There's no F4SE Version Checking in plugin.
And the implementation of this mod is not dependent on version even f4se.
So it should work on all F4SE/VR version even SKSE.

Q: Fallout VR Support?
I don't have VR. But it should work as Skyrim Priority SE do.

Q: Address Library?
It's only for version independent address searching. But Fallout Priority doesn't do that.
So this mod don't need it.

Q: Compatibility?
Compatible with everything.

Q: So how do I know if this mod working?
After game startup. You can open Task Manager by press "Ctrl+Shift+Esc". Go to Details Tab.
Right click on SkyrimSE.exe and check is the value of "Set priority" is High.

If you turned DynamicPriority on. It will be BelowNormal because you are not focus on Game Window.
After you return to Game it will back to High.

It's Normal by default without Mod or softwares like Process Lasso.

Check the Microsoft Official Document for the details:

# Idle          = 0
# Below Normal  = 1
# Normal        = 2
# Above Normal  = 3
# High          = 4
# Realtime      = 5     (Require run F4SE as Administrator)

Fallout Priority uses High by default
It's a safe priority that won't interrupt critical jobs by Windows or etc.
You can change it in PriorityMod.toml If you want other priority.

About Realtime Priority
You should almost never use Realtime, because this interrupts system threads that manage mouse input, keyboard input, and background disk flushing. This class can be appropriate for applications that "talk" directly to hardware or that perform brief tasks that should have limited interruptions.

For SkyrimSE/Enderal SE
This mod can also work on Skyrim SE/Enderal SE directly.
The only thing you need to do is change the install path:
"Data/F4SE/Plugins" to "Data/SKSE/Plugins"

Or just simply download Skyrim Priority SE

Source Code
Available on Github: