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Adds an outfit based off of Park's Heist skin from Black Ops Cold War into Fallout 4

Permissions and credits

This mod includes:
[BOCW] Park - Heist Outfit
[BOCW] Park - Heist Headgear
[BOCW] Park - Heist Gloves

Unfortunately this outfit is female only, since the outfit worn by the character (Park) is female. There is no bodyslide.

This outfit and its acessories can be crafted in the chembench under UTILITY.
If you'd prefer, you can use console commands to spawn it in:

help *insert armor name here* 4 armo
player.additem *insert armor ID here*

SUIT: Black, Blue, Brown, Olive, Grey, and Red
MASK: Black, Hockey, Lit, Melon, Red, Red-Striped, White, Yellow, Yellow-Striped
GLOVES: Black, Brown, Oxblood, Saddle Tan

Note that the Duffle Bag, Neck Gaiter, and Pearl Bracelet can all be removed in the workbench.

The latest version of Fallout 4 and the mod manager of your choice
CBBE for the proper skin textures on the gloves. If you only intend to use the outfit itself, CBBE isn't necessary.
Winchester Model 1873 by OhDeerSKR and Subleader is not required
 but download it anyway lmao

BOCW Outfit Pack by Blyatman: if you like this mod, you'll love that one; more outfits and more customisation (and probably better rigging too lmao)
Joe's Cash Register Replacer by jmanumber1: what's the point of a heist without a score?
J.F.Rey Sam Sunglasses - Death Stranding by ZachTan1234: when you want to be incognito but with a lot less attention than a mask.
ajhakra's Cubemaps by ajhakra (duh): want some cubemaps for your own mods? These are the best money can buy.
Adam Jensen MD Armor by TRCMods: when you gotta stop these criminals, you send in the best.
UltraFire Flashlight Sound by P4R4N0I4C: change that pipboy light for something a little more professional.

Activision Blizzard / Treyarch for the fantastic assets
BigLO/jmanumber1 for rigging the outfit to the female body and for compiling the mod (and for the crappy logo)
OhDeerSKR for making the amazing retextures and for adapting and refining the existing textures to the Fallout 4 engine
Blyatman, Cyrisus, F34R, i_code_i, OhDeerSKR, and Wanaming0 for their invaluable assistance and advice regarding texturing, rigging, .esp work and general implementation to the FO4 engine
Blyatman, HeroicPie, Little Light, OhDeerSKR, Subleader, Zachtan1234, for helping with armor tests and providing great screenshots and feedback
ajhakra for his awesome cubemaps
Neto for messing up my sleep schedule
Chef's Camp, The Bone Zone, and SPC for the memes

- Due to copyright, these assets cannot be ported onto Bethesda.net
- Under no circumstances will this mod (or any of its contents) be allowed to be distributed anywhere else, or integrated into another mod.
- No profit or gain will be made from this mod or any future mods that contain ported content.
- All assets (models/textures) are property of Treyarch/Activision and I will never claim them as my own.
- Permission from Nexus here.

- Please don't ask me for any other armor ports. My only outfit plan right now is to outfit myself with some boardshorts for the summer.
- This mod is DONE, which means there won't really be any updates for it beyond bugfixes and such.
- If you want to make your own edits for personal use, xEdit, Outfit Studio, and Paint.net are all fantastic free programs which will get you far.
- Since the assets were not made specifically for FO4, we can't add new stuff. 
- You can probably guess, but this outfit isn't lore-friendly and probably isn't realistic. Believe me, we know. (and thank god this isn't a weapon mod, otherwise we'd be dealing with the nexus "gun experts"). 
- Suggestions/requests will usually be ignored since we already get a lot of them from our friends (and we ignore them too).
- As with anything involving a crime scene, please take pictures.