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This mod adds a collection of craftable full length dresses with working cloth physics and a pair of formal gloves.

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== What This Mod Does ==

I present to you the Marvelous Dress Collection: a series of full length, formal style dresses/ball gowns built from scratch by my talented wife. The dresses can be crafted from the chemistry station under a new category called 'Marvelous Dresses'. This includes:

The Lovely Dress - a halter top style. This was the first dress we designed. Simple but lovely.

The Splendid Dress - our second creation. This outfit consists of a one shoulder top with a thin cloth belt tied in the back. Inspired by the formal wear from Fallout: New Vegas.

The Charming Dress - our third outfit for this release. The Charming Dress has a strapless straight line style top with an accented fold and a large leather belt around the stomach. A cute and charming dress if there ever was one.

All three dresses utilize the same A-line skirt that goes almost all the way to the ground. Also included with the gowns is a pair of long formal gloves, created from scratch by me. Both the gloves and dresses come in a variety of color options available through the armor workbench. Both the Splendid and Charming dresses have separate color options specifically for their belts.

The dresses equip to the body slot (33), which was necessary in order to utilize the leg size reduction and zapping tools to help ensure minimal clipping (Bethesda actually had to take similar actions to prevent clipping with the green/denim/rose dress). As a result of having to use slot 33, shoes cannot be equipped separately. To fix that, we paired the dresses with the shoes from the vanilla red dress. While not the prettiest shoes (compared to stuff on the Nexus), they serve their purpose and due to the length of the skirts you will likely hardly ever even see them so we didn't feel this was
an issue worth addressing. These also have some color options through the armor workbench.

We have created and included BodySlide data for the CBBE body. All of our screenshots are with this body. If you use a different body, then you will have to covert it as we do not plan make conversions.

Like what you see? You've probably read this on a million mod pages by now, but please remember to come back and endorse! It helps others find it more easily in the future when browsing through the thousands of other mods out there. It also gives mod authors like us some satisfaction to know people are enjoying our work enough that they take a few moments to come back and click a button.

A final word. Keep in mind we're not professional fashion designers or 3D modelers. We did what we could with what experience we had (which is to say no experience when we started). We hope to improve our skill over time and possibly offer better quality outfits in the future as we become more proficient in the tools we're using.

Additional Customization Options

Ballistic Weave
Lining(vault suit)
Legendary(requires a mod that allows you to add or craft legendary mods, otherwise this will be present, but without any options).

==Known Issues ==

Given all the trouble we went through getting these to work, and the limitations within FO4, we are quite pleased with the mod as it stands. The issues mentioned below shouldn't be very noticeable unless you are specifically looking for them, if they are present at all. That said, we are relatively new to 3D modeling. If anyone with advanced 3D modding skill has any specific advice for how we might improve the meshes to further reduce any of the below issues, please feel free to PM me.

Clipping- this is just unavoidable in FO4. We did the best we could to custom fit it to the zero slider CBBE body for each slider at minimum and maximum, but it's simply not feasible for us to test every increment of every slider in game. For a zero slider CBBE body we were able to achieve virtually zero clipping for most common vanilla animations. With careful work, you should be able to attain the same lack of clipping with other similarly (realistically) proportioned bodies. We cannot guarantee that's possible for custom animations or poses.

Distortions- For a few sliders (such as the pregnancy slider), maximum may cause unsightly distortions to the dress meshes. We're sorry, but there's nothing we can do about this issue. It would likely require rebuilding the dress meshes from scratch with no guarantee it would fix the problem.

Physics- it's possible in certain conditions the skirt might freak out or glitch (one common example wold be falling long distances and the skirt getting caught on the legs). In my testing it's mostly behaved and when it does get out of whack it usually fixes itself. If you somehow make it really angry, just unequip and reequip and that will fix it.

General 'jankiness' - there may be edginess, stretching, or tears at times in certain areas when performing movement heavy animations, such as sprinting. We've done the best we can to smooth this out but there's only so much we can do.

== Requirements ==

This mod requires Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-, found here:

Beyond that, all you should need is the base game.

== Cjavascript-event-stripped=

There should be no conflicts with this mod, as all the items are simple chemistry station craftables. Mod was checked and cleaned with FO4Edit before publishing.

== Installation ==

Use your favorite mod manager or manually drop the .esp, texture, materials, and meshes info into your data folder.

== Uninstallation ==

Remove via your favorite mod manager(if installed with one) or manually remove the .esp, textures, materials, and meshes from your data folder directories.

==Future Plans ==

Checkout my Nexus profile page for any future plans and current projects. I'll try to keep an up-to-date listing of anything being worked on.

==Other Mods By Us ==

WearableHair Flower:

==Permissions ==

This mod (altered or original) should not be uploaded or reuploaded here or any other site without my explicit permission.

Language translation mods and body conversion mods uploaded to Nexus are okay and do not require my permission, so long as I am credited as the
original author.

==Credit ==

Throughout much of this mod page I used the term 'we'. That is because this creation is being brought to you by my wife and I, and I consider us a team. The reality is, while these wouldn't have been created or posted to the Nexus without my encouragement, and I played a large part in the concept design for the dresses, she did 95% of the actual creation (hard) work involved and this would have never been possible without her.

Also,Bethesda, I guess. I mean we did mug them for their shoes. xD