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Adds the Type 4 rifle, a Japanese prototype copy/variant of the famous M1 Garand, to the Commonwealth.

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This mod adds the Japanese Type 4 rifle into the game - being a very rare rifle, there isn't any leveled list integration. Instead you can find it in Fraternal Post 115, on top of the chest in the room where Dead Eye is, or through console commands: additem xx000F99. 

The Type 4 was a project of the Imperial Japanese Navy undertaken in 1944 (Japanese imperial year 2604 - hence "Type 4") which started as an attempt to convert captured M1 Garand rifles to use 7.7x58mm ammo, which turned into a program to reverse engineer the M1 and make their own from scratch. Instead of using en bloc clips like the M1, the Type 4 instead uses a magazine which fits two 5-round stripper clips. Parts were made for only about 200 rifles, but only around 125 of those were assembled. For more historical info check out Forgotten Weapons' video on the Type 4 which inspired this mod in the first place.

Custom mods for the Type 4 are stocks, bayonets, and scopes, alongside the usual stuff like barrels and receivers. The gun uses .308 ammo.

This is my first weapon mod, and really my first mod for Fallout 4 that isn't just "replace x sound with y meme". It's also the first time I've worked with 3D modeling and texturing in general, but as they say, practice makes perfect. The gun borrows the Combat Rifle's animations instead of having custom ones (I can't make custom animations as I don't have 3DS Max or Maya), so the reload animation is magically detaching and reattaching the magazine instead of loading from the top like it should.

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