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Adds the Brazilian-made Uru SMG to the game.

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This mod adds the Brazilian Uru submachine gun to the game, with a few different barrels, muzzles, and stocks for added customizability, all historically accurate attachments used by different variations of the Uru. It has the same fire rate as the vanilla submachine gun but packs a much harder punch with a smaller magazine. For historical info you can check out Forgotten Weapons' video on the Uru and this article by Ronaldo Olive.

The Uru uses .45 ammo, and you can find it on enemies, vendors, and faction members throughout the Commonwealth starting at level 15, though the starting levels are staggered - you'll find it more and more often after level 20, 25, and then 30. There's also one very special legendary variant you can find out in the world, all I'll say is that it's inside a boat in the northern part of the map. The gun uses the vanilla submachine gun animations, so I'd recommend using Grab the Damn Mag if you want to reduce reload clipping.