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Adds a simple radio item under the aid tab to allow calling in reinforcements using the Militarized Minutemen.

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I really like the Militarized Minutemen mod (with the Patches addon), but didn't like how the patrols and flaregun reinforcements were always random. I wanted to be able to call in specific squad types for the sake of a little immersion.  This will eventually expand slightly as I will create my own variations of the Minutemen to my vision of what a commando, infantry or ranger squad would look like.


This mod adds a craftable radio item after the Minutemen Quest "Taking Independence" has been completed. In the base version this is under the drugs tab on the chemstation.

For the Horizon compatible version it can be found under the devices tab on the Tech Lab.


When used the radio presents the player with a menu to select a reinforcement squad that will follow the player for around 10 minutes before wandering off.  Reusing the radio will give the player the option to dismiss the squad to be able to call in another.

Currently the different mod versions are as follows:
  • Base: Basic version of the mod that adds the radio has limited reinforcement options.
  • Base -Horizon: The basic version with the component requirements aligned to Horizon's.
  • Custom -Patches: Tweaked levellists for clothing and weapons compared to the standard MilitarizedMinutemen mod. Requires DLC and patches addon.

All versions of the mod offer similar call in options, these are:
  • Gunners for hire: Level listed gunners called in at a cost of 100 caps.
  • Minutemen Infantry: A squad of 6 soldiers armed with submachine guns, hunting rifles and laser muskets.
  • Minutemen Rangers: A team of 4 soldiers armed with revolvers, laser muskets and hunting rifles.
  • Minutemen Commandos: A team of 4 Commandos armed with silenced submachineguns.
  • Minutemen Elite Paratroopers: A team of 4 Paratroopers armed with Laser Rifles.
  • Minutemen Mechanised Infantry: A 3 man team, one leader and technician armed with Laser weapons supporting a T45b trooper armed with a minigun.
  • Minutemen Ghosts: A 4 man special forces team armed with silenced combat rifles.
You have limited control over them. They are not essential and can die.

Load order:
For base version: This MUST be placed after the Militarized Minutemen esp (and patches addon if used).

For Horizon version: This should be placed after whichever Militarized Minutemen Horizon patch esp you have used.

For the custom version: As a replacer it does not matter where it is loaded, as long as the archive files are loaded from the militarizedminutemen mod.


This is my first mod released on Nexus having spent some time trying to figure out Papyrus scripting for quests and items.  I have tested as best I can so hopefully it all works as I intend. Please leave comments on some ideas for balancing or expanding the mod further, I do intend on adding additional options for the other main factions within the game.

A quick shoutout to SKK50 for his assistance both on Reddit and the Nexus Forums.  Not giving the easy answers away helped me massively in understanding the basics to scripts.

A big shoutout to Seddon and Kinggath for their YouTube modding tutorial series that proved to be vital in my learning of modding.  Check them out if you're wanting to make your own mods!