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By popular demand a separate version that adds the ability to call in Stingray bomber support, Minutemen artillery and Yangtze missiles using the Prewar Binoculars mod. Plus a little extra.

Permissions and credits

At the request of users of PreWar Binoculars - Call in Fire Support Addon this mod adds compatibility to call in Stingray Air Support bombing runs. Alongside being able to call in the bombing runs you retain the ability to call in Minutemen Artillery and Yangtze Tactical Nuclear Missiles.


Using the PreWar Binoculars as a base you will have the perk 'Forward Observer' as long as you have completed the Here There Be Monsters
Quest, read the terminal entry at the 'Abandoned Lab' or you are able to build artillery (controlled through the global variable not the quest completion).  When aiming with the binoculars this perk means you can target enemies to open a menu and select your fire support option, without alerting them to your presence.

On initial start up the mod will check to see if the Abandoned Lab terminal entry has been read, the ability to build artillery has been granted or Here There Be Monsters has been completed. If you meet any of these criteria, then it will give you a basic pair of binoculars to use. If you haven't then it will monitor in the background until you do.

If you had already installed Stingray Air Support and have Signal Flares in your inventory the game will convert these into a new Signal beacon misc item for use with the Forward Observer perk. A counter of how many beacons you have will be displayed on the fire support menu, and I introduced a cooldown timer between airstrikes (Updated in v1.1 to be set at 3 minutes) as the function didn't seem to work with the original mod. Beacons can be crafted using the same recipe as the flares under the chemlab utility menu.

Further to this it always annoyed me that if you weren't listening to Radio Freedom then you didn't know what was going on with the status of the artillery request. This mod will automatically tune in to Radio Freedom for the duration of the artillery strike and then revert to the previous state. If the radio was off it will turn off again, if you were listening to Diamond City Radio then it will tune back in to Travis. All without having to enter your PipBoy.

Load order:

This needs to be placed after the _00Stingray.esp plugin, it is a replacer plugin for the PreWar Binoculars mod. It is best advised to install both Stingray Air Support and PreWar Binoculars before installing this.

If you had previously installed any version of the Calling Artillery Addon I would advise that you uninstall that mod first before installing this one. It is NOT a requirement and could possibly cause conflicts. This mod has all the features of that mod.

Horizon patch available as optional downloads from this page. Has two esp plugins flagged as esl (light), both plugins need to load after Horizon.esp, you still need the main file installed.

A10 CAS patch available as optional download from this page. Has one esp plugin flagged as esl (light), this plugin needs to load after _00Stingray.esp and Binoculars.esp. Install this last.

Other mods:

Why not try this out with my other mod Reinforcement Radio - Militarized Minutemen Addon to call in artillery or airstrikes before storming the enemy with your minutemen squads?


Thanks to a_blind_man for the work he did in adding binoculars to the game and to Undivide for the awesome Stingray Air Support mod. Also to all those that create the tools that allow us to mod the game.

Extra thanks to you guys for the support on my other mods and this one too for it to reach Hot Mods.