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Tired of Better Recoil, Exceptional Damage or Poor Range? Want to know how much a Dense Chestpiece actually reduces explosive damage? Try some actual numbers on your mods!

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Update v2.0 (06.04.2016): I love it when a plan comes together. Or when two mods come together. Better Weapon Mod Descriptions has merged with Better Armor Mod Descriptions into this mod: Better Mod Descriptions, combining both mods into a single one. No more having to use both BAMD and BWMD just to get your numbers fix for Legendary Modifications, it's all in one place now.
Update v2.1 (27.05.2016): Reaching even the Farthest Harbor, the newest DLC's armor and weapon mods are now included in this update.

And a bonus for NMM users: There is now a All-In-One NMM file which allows you to install any and all mods from a single download. Because I can. Note that just because you can choose every single compatible file doesn't necessarily mean they're all inter-compatible.

A further note: There's a known bug in Fallout 4 which can cause the game to crash when attempting to load a save file which is missing 4+ plugins. If this happens, you can circumvent this issue by forcibly loading the save file via console commands, use F4SGE to clear your save file of any references to missing plugins or simply rename new plugins to their old names until the bug doesn't trigger.

Compatibility versions only modify the descriptions of modifications that are actually changed by the to-be compatible mod. You need the main BMD file as well as the compatible version. Load Order should be: Main BMD File followed by Other Mod followed by Other Mod Compatible BMD File.

Additionally, a Google Spreadsheet with all vanilla base & Automatron weapons and their respective modifications as well as
legendary effects can be found under the articles tab.

Tired of Better Recoil, Exceptional Damage or Poor Range? Want to know how much a Dense Chestpiece actually reduces explosive damage? Try some actual numbers on your mods!

Better Mod Descriptions strives to give you some actual information on what each armor and weapon mod does by changing the descriptions of each and every modification.

It leaves all values at their vanilla setting and merely lists them all - including some which weren't actually noted in the old descriptions but still present. Using BMD does not make your weapon mods stronger or weaker in any way.

So, what does Better Weapon Mod Descriptions do exactly? Here's an example, using the Hunting Rifle .50 Receiver:

Old Description: Exceptional Damage. Changes ammo type to .50 Caliber. Improved rate of fire.
"Exceptional" they said. "Improved" they said. Join the vaguey, they said.

Better Mod Descriptions: +75% Damage. Uses .50 Rounds. +25% Fire Rate. -25% Reload Time.
+75% Damage? Don't mind if I do! +25% Fire Rate? Yes please! Wait, .50 Receivers decrease the Reload Time too? Who knew!

These kinds of changes have been applied to all armor and weapon mods (including unique items/effects and legendary modifiers) in the game, revealing actual numbers and sometimes even previously unknown modifiers for those who like their descriptions actually, well, descriptive.

Prefer it in video format? Zimta was so kind as to make a showcase of it:

Other videos include:
Fallout 4 Top Mods Of The Week #5 by Game0rb
Fallout 4 Mods Showcase #4 by Atreides83
Fallout 4 Mods - Better Armour Mod Descriptions by Mudcupss
FALLOUT 4 MODS - WEEK #6 by Tyrannicon
Thanks a lot!

To better understand these new descriptions, there is a list of all the terms used in the articles tab.


Has been translated into the following languages. Note that some may be outdated or refer to the old Better Armor/Weapon Mod Descriptions.
German (BWMD) & German (BAMD) by Lostvampire.
Brazilian Portuguese (BWMD) & Brazilian Portuguese (BAMD) by Muleke.
Brazilian Portuguese (BWMD) & Brazilian Portuguese (BAMD) by valckye and Muleke. Includes a number of other mods too!
French (BWMD) & French (BAMD) by HSneak.
Russian by nestquik.
Italian (BWMD) by enkey.
German (BWMD) by megamoscha666.

Has been made compatible with the following mods:
Weapon Balance Overhaul by Vazeron1. Thanks for their work! Check that mod's page for the file!
Simple Weapon Rebalance by phobos2077. Thanks for their work! Check that mod's page for the file!
Cut Weapon Mods Restored v2.6.1 by frogs345.
No Lowered Suppressor and Bayonet Range v1.03 by test_this.
Legendary Modification v1.75 by teaLz.
reldred's Weapon Modifications v0.2 by reldred.
Functional Weapon Racks by SecretAgent99. Thanks for their work! Check that mod's page for the file!
Re-Ballistic - Realistic Weapon and Ammo Overhaul v0.63 by Tomdboss.
Laser Musket Overhaul v5.2 by The6thMessenger.
Gatling Laser Overhaul v2.1 by The6thMessenger.
The Weapon Mods Mod v2.69 by jackskyhawkVII.
Plausible Weights - Weapons and Weapon Mods v0.1 by Derdir.
Extended Weapon Mods v1.2 by Akanami.
The M2216 Standalone Assault Rifle v1.1 by ff7cloudstrife.
Pipe Weapons Overhaul vB7.6 by The6thMessenger.
Minigun .50 Cal - .308 - 5.56mm v4.1 by The6thMessenger.
HK G3 Battle Rifle v1.8 by Z06Frank. This mod is no longer supported, see Wasteland Ordnance instead.
See-Through Combat Scopes v1.11.5 by henkspamadres.
.50 cal Lovin v2.0 by CrushBoss. Thanks for their work! Check that mod's page for the file!
.223 Pistol AKA That Gun v1.3 by skibadaa.
Standalone NCR Ranger Sequoia .44 Magnum v1.1 by Rakul.
G67 Battle Rifle - Standalone v1.2b by Junnari. Thanks to efalla and his Assorted G67 Battle Rifle compatibility patches!
Tesla Cannon v1.0.0.0 by rTech19.
AUTOcorrect - gun and receiver fixes v1.1 by milkowskip. Thanks to SephDragoon! Check that mod's page for the file!
MAC-11 Machine Pistol - Standalone v1.1 by stabcops. Thanks to nestquik!
LK-05 Carbine Rifle v1.0 by stabcops. Thanks to nestquik!
IF-88 Standalone Tactical Shotgun v1.1b by skibadaa. Thanks to nestquik!
Tumbajamba's XM73 Gauss Rifle v1.1.1 by Tumbajamba.
SCAR-LK Assault Rifle v1.1 by stabcops. Thanks to nestquik!
IF-54 Battle Rifle v1.0b by skibadaa.
Unique Weapon Mod Recipes v1 by frogs345.
Weapon Mod Fixes v1.1 by frogs345.
Crossbows of the Commonwealth v1.3.1 by TrickyVein. There's also a Spanish Translation by Anfingrimm!
Weaponsmith Extended v1.0 by Gambit77 and DOOM.
Legendary Modification Enhanced v1.3 by gokuGX.
Modular Kalash Assault Rifle v1.3 by DOOMBASED. Thanks to nestquik!
Wasteland Ordnance v2.0 by Z06Frank.
Automatron - Weapons System Overhaul v1.1.3 by Karel2015.
WH-Mk22 Heavy Machinegun by Skibadaa v1.2b by skibadaa. Thanks to nestquik!
Research Projects - Advanced Technology v0.9 by SephDragoon.
Power Armor Materials AND Paints v1.1 by Mcgan.
Craftable Armor Size v1.3.0 by johndoebowler.
ZephyrWarrior's F4 Power Armor Overhaul v0.9.7.2 by ZephyrWarrior.
Armorsmith Extended v3.01 by Gambit77.
More Weaves - No Railroad v1.2 by Mateodon.
Worsin's Immersive Power Armor Garage (WIPAG) by Worsin. Check that mod's page!
More Power Armour Mods v1.1 by TheTalkieToaster.
Raider Overhaul WIP v9.2 by MadMAX713.
WH-77 Modular L.S.W by skibadaa v1.2 by skibadaa. Thanks to nestquik!
Power Armor - Overmodded Edition (PAOE) v1.1 by Mcgan.
Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul v2.0 by guidaye.
Modern Firearms (Gunsmith Edition) v2.1beta by idlesheep.
Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle v1.04 by kazumamqj.
Weapon Weight Rebalance - Sensible Haircut edition by lincolnshooter. Check that mod's page for the file!
Jaguar MSX 200 LMG v1.2 by DOOMBASED. Thanks to nestquik!
Thorgosh's Perk Overhaul and More by Thorgosh. Check that mod's page for the file!

Is currently being made compatible with:
Caliber Conversion Kit by undyne777. Thanks to Khormin and his F.R.U.M.P. - Multiple Mod Patching!

With a compatible file, BMD unfortunately will not be compatible with any other mod that modifies any weapon mod, though it is compatible with retextures or mods which only tweak values of the base weapons whilst leaving their modifications untouched.

BMD could be made compatible with any such mod with a small bit of work, just leave a request via comment or PM.


-Some Mod descriptions appear fairly small due to increased text length. This cannot be changed unfortunately. Sorry if you find reading small text difficult!
-This mod can be a little overwhelming to get used to. If you don't know what a value does, check the articles tab.
-The following descriptions were left unchanged as their exact effect is difficult to determine: Explosive Vent (Power Armor Legs), Kinetic
Dynamo (Power Armor Torso)
-Attempting to load a save file which is missing 4 or more Plugins can cause your game to crash. This is a bug with Fallout 4 itself - beware when deleting or updating/renaming multiple .esps!

Created with FO4Edit 3.1.3 for Fallout 4 1.4.132


Check the following articles with videos by Gopher on how to enable and install mods for Fallout 4:
Enabling Mods for Fallout 4
Fallout 4: Installing Mods on PC (Manually)

To install this mod, simply place your chosen .esp into the Fallout 4/Data folder.

If you haven't done so already, enable mods by adding the following line to your Fallout4Prefs.ini file under the [Launcher] section: bEnableFileSelection=1
If this line is already present but ends in 0, simply change it to 1.

Once this is done, the mod should automatically be loaded when you next start Fallout 4. If it is not, you need to add it to your load order, found under AppData/Local/Fallout4/plugins.txt in your User folder.
Add a new line with your chosen ESPs full name (e.g. BetterModDescriptions.esp) and save the file. It should now load the mod if it it placed in your Data folder.


To uninstall this mod, simply remove the ESP from your Fallout 4/Data folder.

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