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Improves Minutemen's gear with minimal required edits, and without making them OP Gunners. ESP flagged ESL.

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Gives Minutemen better armor and weapons, but still resembling Minutemen. Also keeps compatibility in mind by making minimal edits.
Requires new game, or they'll still use vanilla outfits. ESP flagged ESL. 

They keep that hats, and the vanilla uniform. They ALWAYS wear their hats to be easier to recognize. Now they will wear combat armor (always with a vest, usually with most of the limbs armored), instead of leather and/or metal.

Armor is a pain to put on, so the more experienced the Minuteman, the better gear they'll be able to don without delay. This is to emulate the individual learning faster ways to get ready to fight as they deploy. (Note: They will NOT be given Power Armor with this mod. They aren't Brotherhood.)
  • Levels 1-6 will mostly have light armor and basic guns. Minimally modded rifles and pistols.
  • At around level 7 they'll have a chance to spawn with medium armor too, with both better and maybe modded guns.
  • At 10+ they'll potentially have heavier armor and even better guns.
  • At 20+ they'll have peaked, wearing a mix of some medium and mostly heavy armor, with great guns.

I also gave them more varied weapons. More specifically, I ditched all of their pipe weapons in favor of better alternatives (i.e. pipe pistols are now 10mm pistols instead, and they'll slowly phase out laser muskets at higher levels). Just like armor, this is using a similar leveled tiers system (1, 7, 10, and 20).

Nuka World Addon
There's an addon to add a hint of Nuka World in the Commonwealth. With it, sometimes higher level Minutemen (only level 10+ for balance's sake) will arrive with Handmade Rifles. Given the fact that they're "Handmade," it felt like a fun little addition to make Minutemen feel more competent. You'd think a regulated militia wouldn't have any issue with gun smithing if Raiders can manage it. I wanted to avoid hard DLC dependency, so I released it as a separate file.

"But I disagree with these modest changes fervently and want my Minutemen to have EVEN MOAR DAKKA!"

Install & Uninstall

Install through the mod manager of your choice, or drop the plugin into your data folder.
Uninstall by deleting the entry in your mod manager, or deleting the plugin from the data folder.

Adding or removing this plugin requires a new save. The outfits and gear will still be vanilla for Minutemen NPCs you've met, otherwise.


Will conflict with any mods that alter Minutemen armor leveled lists, weapon leveled lists, and/or outfit records.
For example, this is going to be incompatible with other Minutemen overhauls. Do not mix and match them, or your Minutemen's outfits will be wrong.

For users of Fallout Loot Overhaul 2016 Edition and/or 2017 (Patches) Edition, you will need to place MAG's plugin(s) under FLO's plugin.

Everything else is probably gonna be compatible, or at least simply have no effect on each other.

Oh. And yes, it's fully compatible with mods that add more settler and Minutemen faces. No need to ask.