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A bustling heavy industry settlement with lots of scrap collection and high water production.

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Requires Version 2.0 or Greater of Workshop Framework

Settlement: County Crossing

Required DLC

Required Mods
Workshop Framework
Sim Settlements

Recommended Mods
Sim Settlements Mega Pack - Year One
Wasteland Ventures

Population: 22
Residential Plots: 8
Industrial Plots: 9
Advanced Industrial Plots 3
Commercial Plots: 4
Agricultural Plots: 2
Recreational Plots: 1

Even though Wasteland Ventures is only recommended, without it installed things will look out of place as part of the structure joins to their Knob Industries plot as seen here.
The water tower is climbable, but I advise toggling god mode as the game registers descending those ladders as a fall and you'll probably die.  

There will be an update to this in the future when compacting/SCOL'ing becomes available for Layouts.

I've included a city plan version for use with the Conqueror pre-build system.

Many thanks to KingGath for creating the excellent WSFW and all the other cool shit he creates.

How To Use Layouts

Workshop Framework Layouts are installed like any other mod, and then applied from the Manage option on the Workbench. Once you have applied all of the zones you are interested in, you can uninstall the mod if you like. (There are advantages to keeping it installed if you have the room in your LO though!)

Here's a video on Importing layouts: