Fallout 4
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About this mod

New Armor, Headgear and Backpacks for male and female. Inspired by the Tank Girl comics and the Mad Max universe. Mashups and re-textures of Fallout 4 outfits. Can be crafted or injected to Raider or Settler leveled lists.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian

Requires all DLCs and Fallout 4 version 1.10.162 or later.

10 armor
10 headgear
10 backpacks

Can be crafted at the Chem workbench under "Grease Rat Garbs".
Armor and headgear have support for linings and Ballistic weave.
CBBE Curvy outfit as alternative download, including BodySlide files.
Support for Canary Save File monitor if you have it installed.

Conversion for SHB generously provided by wolfgrimdark

Leveled List Injection Patches

In the files section are two optional downloads that script injects the items to Raiders or Settlers. Use one or both. ESL-flagged ESPs, so they don't take up a slot in your load order.
Raiders: 5% chance armor, 2% chance headgear (from level 4), 2% chance backpack (from level 14).
Settlers: 2% chance full Grease Rat set (headgear, armor, backpack). Scavengers also have a chance of getting the outfits.
These percentages may vary depending on other mods that you have installed.

Injection is done to these vanilla leveled lists:
Raiders: LL_Armor_Raider_Underwear, LL_Armor_Raider_Helmets, LLI_Armor_Raider_Regular_New
Settlers: LL_Wastelander_Outfit


This mod should be compatible with all mods if you only use it in its base form.
If you have Raider Gangs Extended, load that mod late (high number in your load order) and Grease Rat Garbs anywhere.

The optional leveled list patches:
  • Compatible with all mods that use the vanilla leveled list system for raiders and settlers, or injects changes with script.
  • Also compatible with e.g. Raider Overhaul, Unique NPC's - these mods decrease the chance of Grease Rat items appearing.
  • In-built leveled list support for Armor Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) and Better Settlers (these mods are not required).

Want another workbench for the recipes?
Use the Workbench Recipes - Creator and Swapper by bionicyardiff to switch the recipes to the workbench of your choice (other mods included).


Install with your mod manager of choice, or drop the esp and the two ba2s into your Data folder. Can be placed anywhere in your load order.


CBBE Outfit Helper Reference Suite by SQr17, for the Uniboob look
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer (for the CBBE meshes) by Caliente
Se7enraven FO4 Modder's Resources by Se7enraven for the playing cards meshes and textures
Controller script from Bethesda Mod School series by kinggath
Outfit studio by Ousnius
Nifskope by jonwd7 etc
FO4Edit by Elminster etc
Screenshots: Thrax's Action poses by Thrax7545

Hot Files! Thank you <3