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A Fusion Girl conversion of TheKite & Niero's HandMaiden outfit.

Permissions and credits
Converted this recently for someone privately, and took their suggestion to see 'bout publishing it, as there's no other FG conversion
Also converted TheKite's MilitiaWoman to FG as well, link over here.

Oh and may add images later, am lazy (and clearly a terrible converter) and haven't grabbed screenshots of the converted pieces, so the current ones are from the original outfit's mod page.

Some credits:
Th3Kite and Niero, for their outfits.
Bumex, for the CBBE to Fusion Girl BodySlide conversion reference, which I believe is now included with BodySlide and Outfit Studio.
And 'course, Ousnius's BodySlide and Outfit Studio (github wiki has been some help too)
S4itox, for helpin point out issues or missed file parts. The coat weighting alone should be a nice improvement over the initial upload.


Initial Upload

Re-weighted the Overcoats, shouldn't stick to legs, but gimme screenshots if it still does.
UnderArmour was also mentioned, Soon™ (something for tomorrow, I think)

Fixed some minor clipping on UnderArmour.

Minor weight adjustment for physics bones (both boob & ass), were mostly fine, but redid em just to be sure. Lemme know if somethin broke.