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The industrial revolution has arrived and with it an influx of the worst the commonwealth has to offer. Raider chiefs have seen the smoke on the horizon and they want a piece of the action...

Permissions and credits

Requires Version 2.0.0 or Greater of Sim Settlements
New Homes: 3 (OR 27)
Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Performance Settings: Yes
Spawns NPCs: Yes

New in Version 0.9.9: Introducing Advanced Residential

Now you can choose the way your house will grow. 

After you have chosen your initial building plan (One, Two, or Three floors) one of two things can happen:

  • If you selected "Upgrades Advanced: Auto" in your City Manager Holotape you will get a completely randomized version of the house. It will choose a style and then upgrade over time, randomly selecting from hundreds of combinations of clutter and flair.
  • If you selected "Upgrades Advanced: Manual", when the house becomes upgradeable you can choose from a series of building styles:

    • Plain (for consoles and older systems)
    • Fancy (for weird decorations and effects)
    • Filthy (for gross decorations and effects)
    • Dog Lover (for a doghouse and a scary raider dog. Sometimes a legendarily scary dog...)

Then as the house progresses its appearance will change through a combination of a few different mechanisms: 

  • Level specific flair: applies to any type of house but unlocks depending on how advanced the house is  
  • Path specific flair: depends on which type of house was chosen (Plain, Filthy, etc.)  
  • Improving flair: applies to any type of house and improves furniture/lights/etc which gets more detailed over time  
  • Chances for Coolness: as the house progresses pool of variations of decorations increases  
  • Chances for Lameness: plainer items are removed from rotation over time

Come joint the discussion of all things Sim Settlements and Raider Refugees addon at Simsettlements.com  

Raider Refugees: The Good, The Rad and The Ugly

This addon for Sim Settlements allows you to create a 'randomized' raider house to add some spice to your settlements. The house includes unique furniture, lighting, and other assorted raider flair. When the plots upgrade they randomly draw their furnishings/decorations/lights from a pool of 20+ categories, each one with 3 or more variations. Fully upgraded plots are very rarely the same. Check the images tab to see some examples. 

Settlers will al interact with the house to add some life to your town.

No DLC required.


With renewed interest in city living coming from the fringes, the Sole Survivor is attempting to integrate raider factions with the commonwealth. As a pilot project a small number of raiders from each faction will be allowed to establish a presence in controlled settlements. The raiders are expected to follow the rules, as best they can...As the experiment progresses the Sole Survivor will begin reaching out to the larger clans. The Forged, The Slavers, L&L Gang, The Rust Devils, The Disciples, The Pack, and The Operators. Even the Far Harbor Trappers have expressed interest.The first group to be allowed in are the 'unaligned'. The random raiders wandering in small groups or huddling in small camps to the north.*Warning: The introduction of raiders into your settlements may lead to an increase in vagrancy, visible drug use, loitering, inappropriate gesturing, and ugly dogs.*


  • NPC Idles: settlers will do activities, some of them are nefarious
  • Everything is randomized while maintaining the same look and feel: walls, ceiling lights, floors, roofs, debris, art, lamps, etc
  • New doghouses for settlement pets to sleep in
  • Unique beds, lights, floors, etc
  • Visual effects unlock at higher levels

How is it random?

As the house upgrades through each level there is a greater chance it will unlock a unique configuration. Wall signs for example have a 50% chance of appearing at level 1, 75% at level 2 and 90% at level 3. The same principle applies to the 20+ other categories of items that are revealed as the house improves itself. I haven't done the math but 20+ configurations of items * 4ish versions in each configuration / percentage chance per level of uniqueness = 'lots'. If you check the images tab you can see that it is possible to fill an entire settlement with one house without seeing any repeats.

Why is the randomness sometimes not very random?

If you refresh multiple houses at once they seem want to repeat certain combinations. Wait a minute or between refreshes and they should have more variation.

I don't like the way one of my houses looks.

Refresh the plot with the ASAM, you might like the next roll of the dice ;)

Thanks to kinggath for the brilliant Sim Settlements mod.