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A small plugin that exposes some new data to other mods, and fixes a few bugs.

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This is just a small ESL flagged master file and F4SE plugin that exposes some neat things and some fixes that other mods can take advantage of.
If you have a request for a feature that would require a F4SE plugin, feel free to mention it in the comments and I may add it in a future version.

BetaComment [Console Command]
This is a console command that lets you make notes about references in cells that are exported to a file called BetaComment.txt, which can be loaded in the CK when the file containing the reference is active. You can find the window to open BetaComment.txt in the CK under World -> View BetaComment Data.... Useful when doing level design, or bug reporting to the Unofficial Patch team about floating rocks or something. The file can also be renamed with the BetaCommentFileName setting in the config file.

PipboyLightActive [AVIF:FE000800]
This will either be 0, for Pipboy light off, or 1 for Pipboy light on. It also tracks the state of the Power Armor headlamp.

RadiationSourceCount [AVIF:FE000801]
This lets you know how many radiation effects the Player is currently being affected by. It will only ever work on the Player.

InventoryWeight [AVIF:FE000802]
This lets you check the combined weight of all of the items on a given NPC.

BakaUtil [Papyrus]
This is currently just one function, FilterReferencesByKeywords which takes an array of ObjectReferences, and an array of Keywords, and returns a filtered array of ObjectReferences based on the keywords.

StringUtil [Papyrus]
All of the StringUtil functions from the latest version of SKSE: GetLength, GetNthCharacter, IsLetter, IsDigit, IsPunctuation, IsPrintable, AsInt, AsChar, Find, and SubString. Two other functions have been added as well, StringToArray, and ArrayToString which Split and Join strings respectively.


GitHub source.