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This mod expands role-playing options for the Cabot House questline included in the original Fallout 4 game. In this initial 1.0 version, the changes are mostly focused on providing a heroic alternate ending to The Secret of Cabot House main quest (Quest ID: MS09), since the original quest only had what many consider an unsatisfying conclusion.

Permissions and credits
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After a decade of creating our own small personal mods for Bethesda single player RPG games, going back to Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion, we finally published our first quest enhancement on NexusMods.  Recently, we were replaying the Cabot House questline and were not satisfied with the outcome as usual.  So thanks to the renewed motivation to improve the options for the Cabot family, and publish our first Fallout 4 mod, we got it done. 

We hope you enjoy the results of this initial release, and have more features planned for the near future.  Our goal is to make this easy and safe to update as more features are added so you can enjoy improved questing adventures in Fallout 4. 
We also have more quests on our list for enhancements.

Not Included In this Mod
Currently, this mod does not include any of the following:
  • Edits to the Cabot House cells (interior or exterior areas)
  • Items (weapons, armor, clothing, etc.)
  • Assets from other mods


  • Provides a heroic alternate conclusion to the Cabot House quest line enhancing role playing options.
  • All added dialogue options are professionally voiced with reused or edited audio files included in the original Fallout 4 game.
  • Optional Start Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul mod compatibility for a complimentary experience, since both mods include records from the main Cabot House quest (MS09).
  • Works with both new games and also on existing game saves; however, if the main Secret of Cabot House quest (MS09) is already completed we recommend starting a new game to get the full experience.
  • Verified with FO4Edit for clean records and converted to ESL flagged ESP to save a load order slot.

* Watch this video for examples of the features added by
this mod if you don't mind some story spoilers.

Already the feedback from our community is very positive and inspiring.  Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words!

I just completed the Cabot quests and rescued Valkyrie and everything was seamless. So kudos to you and I've endorsed your mod.

I really like the look of this mod. Always disliked that you couldn't help Lorenzo...


This is a great idea, and sounds well implemented! Fixes a quest ending that I thought was pretty unsatisfying.

I was hoping for a mod like this! Fallout 4 needs a lot of mods like that...
Thanks for this job!


The House of Cabot quest is one of my favorites, so I like the idea of this mod!

Looks great!


This is a beautiful mod. Do you think you can do something to Pickman's quest too? ...

Video Endorsements
Thanks to kinggath, the creator of the highly acclaimed Sim Settlements Fallout 4 mod for the inspiring words about our Cabot House Enhanced Quests mod.  You can click on the following image to read our full article about this video, and to automatically jump to the part in the video showcasing our mod (starting at timestamp 17:31).

The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch is required because it fixes numerous problems in the original Fallout 4 game affecting the Cabot House quest line.  The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch requires all the official DLC, which makes this a requirement for our mod as well.

Recommended Mods
We highly recommend the following mods to enhance your Fallout 4 experience.  They have been tested with our Xoren Games - Cabot House Enhanced Quests mod and confirmed to be compatible and complimentary.

  • Start Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul - We highly recommend this mod because it provides numerous alternate ways to start new Fallout 4 games.  For example, if you want to quickly start the Cabot House quest line in a new game, you can chose to start in Bunker Hill which is only a few minutes away from Cabot House and is in the main Fallout 4 world space (cell), so you don't have to go through any extra loading screens.  Start Me Up also lets you choose how strong or weak your new character will be, so if you want to just run through the Cabot House quest line, you can start as a level 300 character with a good set of weapons and armor.   If you want extra challenge you can start as level 1 character with no gear and only charismatic traits, that will make it significantly harder to complete the Cabot House quest line in Survival difficulty.

Incompatible Mods
  • This mod will conflict with any mods that alter the primary quest: The Secret of Cabot House (Quest ID: MS09).  However, if the other mod only includes minor edits to quest MS09, you may be able to resolve the conflict by placing this mod after the conflicting mod in your load order.

Compatible Mods

  • This mod was tested with various mod lists ranging from 200 to over 240 active plugins.
  • This article lists mods confirmed to be compatible by checking for conflicts in FO4Edit and tested for stability without any issues: Xoren Games - Cabot House Enhanced Quests - Compatible Mods
  • The following mod list (which is more frequently updated) for our Sabrina Fallout 4 character is used in her YouTube videos: Link to Sabrina's Active Mod List
  • This mod doesn't contain any cell edits (changes to the Cabot House interior or exterior areas); so it should be compatible with any mods that alter Cabot House cells, including the house itself or conversions of the house to a settlement as long as those mods don't include significant changes to quest MS09 or the shared dialogue and AI packages of the 5 Cabot House characters (Edward Deegan, Jack Cabot, Emogene Cabot, Wilhelmina Cabot, or Lorenzo Cabot).

Resolving Mod Conflicts

  • If you encounter any mod conflicts in general, check out this page Tips for Resolving Mod Conflicts at Xoren Games, our web site; this will be a frequently updated page.

Compatibility Patch Requests
  • If there are any conflicts with a popular mod that can be resolved with updates to this mod, you can request a compatibility patch, and we will research the issue and let you know if a patch is feasible in terms of effort required and technical challenges.

Install / Uninstall
  • We recommend using a mod manager (the current version of Mod Organizer 2.x or Vortex are preferred) to install or uninstall this mod and running LOOT to automatically adjust your load order.
  • Always create at least one regular save file (not quick or auto-save), before installing any mod so you can return to that save if you decide to uninstall.

Recommended Load Order
This is an example of the recommended load order; however, if you use our mod setup (which follows the FOMOD standard) and LOOT, your load order should be automatically adjusted.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions for Xoren Games - Cabot House Enhanced Quests

Future Plans

We are currently considering future enhancements to this mod, including the following possibilities:
  • Adding enhanced follower support for Edward Deegan, Jack Cabot, Emogene Cabot, Wilhelmina Cabot and Lorenzo Cabot.  This includes exploring options to make their use as companions more immersive and integrated into the main quest.  Currently, mods that support having multiple companions can be used to recruit these characters, but they don't have all the standard follower dialogue options yet; you need to have subtitles enabled, if you want to recruit and communicate with them as companions after the main quest (MS09) is completed.  Our tests with AmazingFollowerTweaks are going well for basic companion functionality, but we don't recommend converting Cabot House quest characters to followers until the main MS09 quest is completed. 
  • Extending the Cabot family quest line - exploring various ideas at the moment.
  • We'll continue to test this mod with other mods and plan to expand the recommend mods section once we confirm they work well together and are complementary.
  • We are working on a dependency free integration of this mod to the new Crime and Punishment system masterfully developed by Flashy(JoeR).  This will allow for some new possibilities and consequences for raider or villain type characters.
  • New ideas about integration with the Sim Settlements open framework.

Videos Featuring This Mod
If you want to see an example of a heroic full Cabot House questline playthrough, watch Episode 13 of our Sabrina's Epic Tale series.  We are also excited to show some of the features for our next 1.1 release on this video.

*Full Cabot House Questline Playthrough with version 1.1
which is currently still in development

Thanks for your interest in this mod. Our main goal is to provide more enjoyment of Fallout 4.

Visit us at xorengames.com for more gaming and modding information and stories.