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Optional file renames him to Toddsworth. Yes, really.

Perk and affinity messages also adjusted accordingly.

Yes, the Toddsworth file sports the same features as well.

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Our dear Godd Howard gives Codsworth some of the corniest jokes out there, but completely passed up the opportunity to call our beloved robot butler by a name worthy of his glorious sense of humor (or is it humour). I'm here to fix that.

Second mod ever. Tested in game. Edits Codsworth's name and also edits his perk accordingly.

Not pictured, but it also edits his affinity messages to say "Cogsworth loved that," "Cogsworth tolerates you," and so on, and so forth. Since I've earned his perk in game, those messages don't seem to pop up as often, but since I changed them the same way I've edited other companions affinity messages and I've since seen those show up properly, Codsworth's/Cogsworth's affinity messages should show up just fine.

Known issues: does not edit audio files as I haven't got the equipment to properly do that. Therefore your character will still call him Codsworth when speaking to him or about him. The names sound similar enough that it shouldn't be an issue anyway, but if anyone would like to edit the voice files and upload a patch separately or send me the patch and I'll upload it myself in optional files with proper credit, I'll love you forever.

"Toddsworth" optional file also edits perk and affinity messages accordingly. Since I won't be using this rename in game, there are no screenshots, but it's set up the same way the Cogsworth mod is set up, so it should work just fine.

UPDATE JANUARY 14, 2022: Added an esl flagged esp version of both Cogsworth and Toddsworth for those who may have mod conflicts with this mod. Default download is still the Cogsworth esl version. You'll have to go to the files page if you want the esl flagged esp version. Toddsworth remains in optional files.

Known conflicts so far that require the ESL flagged ESP version are Valdacil's Item Sorting and Companions As Settlers. If you find any other conflicts, let me know and I'll add them to this list.

Other mods pictured:

Charlestown Condo - Creation Club content

Automatron Pre-War Paints

Craftable Hats (Automatron)

Pastel Flora - A Standalone Pip-Boy Skin

Gloves of the Commonwealth - Equippable Gloves

which I crafted via Gloves of the Commonwealth - Craftable at cooking stations and Armorsmith Extended workbench

Also pictured, albeit faintly because of the lighting, is a Pip-Boy screen background, but that's a personal mod, so no links. At least not for now. Sorry.

Other mods of mine:

Spaaaaaace - A Lockpicking Interface Retexture - Now with even more texture options, from camo to Vault-Tec! Solid colors now available!

Spaaaaaace II - A Garage Screwdriver Retexture- Child mod to the one above. Takes the textures from there and converts them to replace the screwdrivers you find scattered around the Commonwealth.

Other Clothes Treated Like Vault Suits - as this was a request from a Redditor, it only touches the military fatigues for now. It also should add vault suit lining. Other pieces may be added in the future, if there's interest.