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Collection of Patches for the Bullet Counted Reload System

Permissions and credits

These is my first mods have uploaded to Nexus.


These patches implement the "Bullet Counted Reload System" for the following Weapons.

vwtrotsky patches:


  1. Install the above mods with NMM or Vortex.
  2. Install "Bullet Counted Reload System" by shavkacagarikia ->  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/41178
  3. Install the relevant patch from the "Files" tab.

Known Issues:
Some animation glitches. Nothing too serious.

Lee Enfield:
Only the "Load: Half bullet" and "Load: Full Bullet" has been implemented.
Clips work a little differently to single bullets, so have been proving difficult to get to work correctly.

before installing the patch, please launch the game and scrap your existing Ithaca, save, quit, then install the patch.
This is because I had to remove the ESL flag from the esp to get the mod to work. 
When changing the esp like this it can cause the game to crash when equipping the weapon. I found scrapping it to be more reliable way to get around this.

Remington 92:
The reload animation only reload 5 times. Until either I can amend the anims my self or is another modder donates an alternative animation.

I have contact the mod authors and are interested in hosting the files on their respective mod pages. But they may update their mod to include the changes need for the BCR mod to work themselves.

Which will make these patches unnecessary. If that happens I will then remove my patches to avoid confusion.

I am learning how animation works in Fallout 4.
I feel I have good enough knowledge of Blender and creating mods in Fallout 4.
The main stumbling block at the moment is getting the existing animations from the Fallout 4 format into Blender and exporting it out again. From What I have learn't the tools needed are either so old they no longer work in blender or are no longer available.

I hope you enjoy.

I would like to thank shavkacagariki for creating the Bullet Counted Reload system and:
For their great mods and permission for me to upload these patches.

Please also endorse their mods if you haven't already done so. Thank you.