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A stand-alone release containing equipment from America Rising 2 - Legacy of the Enclave!

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A spin-off release containing current equipment from America Rising 2 - Legacy of the Enclave
Looking for base IDs, balance values and detailed information on the items? It's all available on my Wiki, here.

While developing America Rising 2 - Legacy of the Enclave, I decided to release a lot of the equipment that I was really happy with as a stand-alone mod for others to enjoy.

All equipment is seeded upon the mod initially loading. Find them at most armor and weapon vendors. All gear has been prefixed [GotE].
Contained within the pack:
Version 1.0.6
Enclave Beret
Version 1.0.5
New and Improved Enclave Uniforms with Urban, Forset, Desert and Snow camouflages available
Enclave Plasma weaponry
Orange projectiles for AE-9A1 weaponry
Improved integration with America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave 1.1.0+
Version 1.0.3
Enclave Covert Suit along with a full assortment of mods + ballistic weave
Fallout 76-Style Early Enclave Officer Uniform (No ported assets - cobbled together in Outfit Studio!)
Fallout 76-Style Enclave Officer Cap
Enclave AE-9A1 Series Laser Weaponry + paint job for standard Laser Weapons
Enclave Combat Gas Mask
Enclave Combat Helmet
Enclave Gas Mask
Enclave Fatigues
Enclave Technician Jumpsuit
Enclave General's Winter Uniform
Enclave General's Winter Cap
Enclave Pip-Boy Paint Job

If you have America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave version 1.1.0+ installed, some equipment will be added to Enclave personnel and vendors. Please allow a few in-game days for this to happen.

All the equipment has been created by myself and wasteofspace95 with a combination of new textures and Outfit
Studio work, except for the Enclave Covert Suit which uses Payton Quinn's fantastic Enclave Officers Uniform as a base.
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