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Adds The Enclave as a playable faction for Sim Settlements Conqueror. Includes a standard Conqueror faction and a Liberator faction as well as Special Units.

Permissions and credits
For the SS2 Version of this mod please check out Blacklight's Lite Faction Packs for SS2



Requires Version 4.1.1a
 or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror

Faction: The Enclave

Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: Yes
Decorations: No
Soundscape: No
Special Units: Yes
Ranks: Yes
Optional Radio Station: Yes
Unique Civilians: Yes
Unique Soldier Needs - Yes
Canary Support - Yes

God Bless America and God Bless The Enclave: America's Last Hope.


With this mod you can play as The Enclave faction from previous Fallout games in Sim Settlements Conqueror and you have two files to choose from. You can grab the Conqueror version of this mod where you where you play the Enclave like a raider faction and try to conqueror the wasteland: set up outposts, enslave settlers, and create vassals. On the other hand, however, you can grab the Liberator version of this mod and play as the Reborn Enclave were you try to rebuild America the right way through peaceful cooperation. I created two versions because I like to have a choice and now I'm passing that choice on to you. So who are you going to side with - The Richardson/Eden faction of the Enclave where everyone else must die or will you embrace the vision of Colonel Autumn and attempt to work with the people of the wasteland to forge a new America?

Required Mods

Mod Version 4.00 and up Requires

Faction Flags Redux SIM SETTLEMENTS ADD-ON By Cryax98

America Rising - Gear of the Enclave By 
Otellino and Wasteofspace95

Enclave Remnant's Armor by Kalibkadafi

Mod Version 4.00DLC and up Requires 

The Far Harbor DLC

Faction Flags Redux SIM SETTLEMENTS ADD-ON By Cryax98

America Rising - Gear of the Enclave By 
Otellino and Wasteofspace95

Enclave Remnant's Armor by Kalibkadafi

America Rising 2 - Legacy of the Enclave Versions Requires

America Rising 2 - Legacy of the Enclave by Otellino

November 11, 2023 Update Requires 

Secret Service Armor by NewerMind43 and Captain-Ultima 

T 65 Power Armor by NewerMind43 and Captain-Ultima 

*These mods are absolutely required because with out them things won't work or will be broken*

What's in the mod.


You can play as two different Enclave Factions: The Enclave which are Conquerors and the Reborn Enclave which are Liberators and there are some subtle differences between the two, but overall they play mostly the same.

When you start the game you will be given an option to start Sim Settlements Conqueror and if you say yes in the option menu there will be an option called "War Option," as of Version 3.00 you can now select both Enclave Factions to be in control of settlements right from the beginning of the game.

This is an important note to know however, if you are planning to play as one of the enclave factions do not select both factions to be in charge of settlements, only select the enclave faction you aren't planning on playing, so if you plan to play as the conqueror select the liberator faction to be in charge of settlements and vice versa.

The reason I'm telling you to do this is because if you select both factions or if you select a faction, say the conquerors, and then decide to play as them the settlements they already control will not come under your control if you found the same faction, they will remain independent your enclave faction and you'll have to fight them to take over their settlements.

This is fine if you are playing as the conquerors and are trying to destroy the liberators, but if you were planning on being the conqueror and having the other conqueror settlements join you that's not going to happen.

Faction Special Powers v4.00 and up

If you don't use the soldier needs system of Sim Settlements Conqueror ignore this section.

Legacy Equipment - The Enclave possesses knowledge of prewar caches of weapons, ammunition, armor, and much much more resulting in a surplus of excellent equipment therefore all Enclave soldiers are outfitted with top of the line gear and weapons and most special units will only cost 1 equipment point, Sentry's will cost 5 equipment.

The American Dream - Enclave soldier are motivated by the idea that America will be restored therefore they are willing to accept half pay until the government is restored, all special units will cost 5 Commerce points or less, Conscripts get paid a bare minimum and deathclaws just want food.

Regular soldiers do no benefit from these powers so use the Enclave Specialists special units instead, they cost the same to recruit and use the same equipment but will benefit from these special powers unlike the regular soldiers if you use the soldier needs system. 

Special Units v6.00

Special Units Available to both factions are as follows:

-Enclave Specialists - Costs 100 resources, *Soldier Needs 5 commerce, 10 rations, 1 equipment
-Enclave Powered Armor Elite - Costs  2000 resources, *Soldier Needs 5 commerce, 10 rations, 1 equipment, 40 control added
-Enclave Eyebot -Costs  75 resources, *Soldier Needs 5 commerce, 1 rations, 1 equipment, 5 control added
-Enclave Mr Gutsy - Costs 1000 resources, *Soldier Needs 5 commerce, 1 rations, 1 equipment, 15 control added
-Enclave Assaultron - Costs 1500 resources, *Soldier Needs 5 commerce, 1 rations, 1 equipment, 25 control added
-Enclave Sentry - Costs 2000 resources, *Soldier Needs 5 commerce, 1 rations, 5 equipment, 40 control added
-Enclave DeathClaw - Costs 2500 resources, *Soldier Needs 1 commerce, 20 rations, 1 equipment
-Enclave Delta Force - Costs 1500 resources, *Soldier Needs 5 commerce, 10 rations, 1 equipment, 30 control added
-Enclave Tesla Delta Force - 
Costs 2000 resources, *Soldier Needs 5 commerce, 10 rations, 1 equipment, 40 control added
-Enclave Officer - Costs 500 resources, *Soldier Needs 5 commerce, 10 rations, 1 equipment, 50 control added

Version 6.00DLC Special Units are;

-Enclave Marines - Costs 1000 resources, *Soldier Needs
 5 commerce, 10 rations, 1 equipment, 20 control added

November 11, 2023 Update Special Units are;

- Enclave Power Armored Secret Service - Costs 2000, 
*Soldier Needs 5 commerce, 10 rations, 1 equipment, 40 control added 
- Enclave Secret Service - Costs 1250, 
*Soldier Needs 5 commerce, 10 rations, 1 equipment, 40 control added

Faction Unique Special Units are:

For Enclave conqueror - Enclave Conscripts - *Soldier needs 25 resources, 1 commerce, 5 rations, 1 equipment
For Enclave liberator - Enclave Reformed Raider - *Soldier needs 50 resources, 5 commerce, 10 rations, 1 equipment

These two units use raider clothes and weapons, but to show who they are affiliated with they will be wearing capes that will show that they are part of either the Conqueror or Liberator Faction, see the pictures if you want to see what they look like and yes the capes are supposed to look kind of cheap and bad, I just though it made sense for cheap units to look cheap.

Also these two special units get their weapons and armor from the base game raider level lists so if you have any mods which change the those level lists these troops may get better or worse depending, so just keep that in mind.

Recruitment Resources

Major Resources - Laser and Plasma Weapons, Fusion Cores, any kind of Combat Armor, any kind of X-01 Power Armor

Minor Resources - Purified Water, Stimpacks, Rad-X, RadAway, Gas Masks, Plasma Cartridges and Fusion Cells

Faction Flags

Conqueror Flag is a Black Flag with Enclave E and Stars.

Liberator Flag is a normal American Flag with the Enclave E and Stars where the fifty stars traditionally are.

Faction Ranks


Captives and Civilians

Captives of your factions will be wearing Enclave Fatigues and Technician Jumpsuits. Conqueror Captives will also be wearing explosive collars whereas Liberator captives will not be wearing Collars.

Conquerors will have Enclave Senators as civilians whereas Liberators will have Enclave Representatives as civilians, both however will be wearing the same outfit which is the Enclave uniform minus the hat from fallout 76 which is part of the America Rising - Gear of the Enclave that is required for this mod, see the picture if you want to see their outfits.

The Story

This mod contains no quest because I have no idea how to make one, but there is a little bit of an informal story to this mod. If you travel to Vault 111 and go to the security building with the button to open the vault (there is a picture of this in the images tab) you'll find a crate with some weapons, ammo, food, and a holotape from the Enclave. It was meant for anyone who escaped Vault 111 and it explains the situation in the Commonwealth to the player from the Enclave's point of view so its biased to say the least, but it least they gave you some goodies to make surviving the wasteland a bit easier.

How to Start this mod (this mostly applies to other faction pack mods as well, some have quests you need to do, but it all works mainly the same way)

1. Install Sim Settlements 

2. Install Sim Settlements Conqueror 

3. Install Workshop Framework

4. Install Settlement Menu Manager

5. Optional, to make life easier install Mod Configuration Menu

6. Choose your Faction Pack and then download what is required, if nothing is required then just download the faction pack, for this Faction pack download "Faction Flags Redux SIM SETTLEMENTS ADD-ON" and "America Rising - Gear of the Enclave" and install these mods

7. Download "Sim Settlements Faction Pack - The Enclave" mod and install it.

8. Preferably, Start a new game, but you can use a game already in progress if you want to risk it.

9. Get the City Manager 2078 Holotape which will start Sim Settlements, you can find it in the Museum of Freedom in Concord on the third floor along with a bunch of ASAM sensors which are used to construct Sim Settlements Plots. Or if you downloaded the Mod Configuration Menu you can skip this, just go into the mod configuration menu and select sim settlements and you'll have the option to just spawn the holotape.

10. Once you have the Holotape go into your pip boy and access the Holotape and you will then be prompted to start the Sim Settlements mod, select whatever you want from the pop up, while you're at the holotape click on the ASAM sensor recipe button so you can get the recipe to craft more. Any more configuration can be made in the holotape or in the Sim Settlements menu in the Mod Configuration Menu.

11. Once all of this is done go to a settlement, if you want to play as a liberator you can go to any settlement you are allied to or any empty settlement, if you want to play as a conqueror you need to go to an empty settlement or you need to empty a settlement by killing everyone.


12. Once in a settlement activate the workshop and go into work shop mode, scroll to the right to the Sim Settlements option and select it, then select Furniture, then select the war planner's desk and place it.

13. Once the War Planners Desk is placed you will be asked if you want to go to war, select yes, and then you will be given a menu to choose available factions, pick the faction you want and then wait a few seconds and a flag will be placed where you are standing. If a flag is not placed load up the hard save and wait a few minutes because for Sim Settlements to finish loading then try to place the war planners desk again and the flag should drop. If the flag doesn't drop the settlement won't become an outpost so when it drops that means everything worked.

14. The settlement you are in will now be an outpost for your faction, now you need to recruit troops and to do so you will need a recruitment beacon so place one and a power source for it. At this point also make sure you have water resources and some defense turrets. Go into sim settlements option of the workshop and select Furniture and place a city planner's desk so you can craft some ASAM sensors if you don't have any. If you plan to use sim settlements plots place at least five residential plots and a mix of martial and recreational plots in the settlement, don't worry about food or industry because your vassals will take care of that, if the settlement is too small for outdoor plots consider using interior plots. If you want an easier path just place a bunch of beds in place of the residential plots. But you'll still want recreation plots to keep your people happy and build martial plots to give you people something to do plus it increases defense.

15. Next you need to donate resources to the war planners desk, click on the ham radio on the war planners desk and you will be give options to donate resources or caps and you can find out what specific resources are needed for recruitment. Get those resources and donate them. Regular troops cost 100 resources so try to donate mainly major resources or lots and lots of minor resources to recruit more and more people.

16. You'll need to wait at least 24 in game hours and maybe an extra hour or two before troops will arrive at your settlement. Either explore some or Sleep for this time. Once this time is up troops will arrive, not all at once, but they'll come just give it a little time.

17. Once you have at least 5 troops you can start raiding other settlements, but it's not that simple. If you walk up to a troop you'll have two options, you can talk to them and their will be a designation saying either Warrior, Guard, or Worker that you can change. Warriors are needed for raiding, Guards guard the settlements and patrol the vassals to keep them in line, Workers work at various jobs that you assign them to or they assign themselves to. In order to raid you need 5 warriors, the conquerors HUD in the settlement will tell you how many warriors you have or you can just look around and count the warriors you have.

18. Optional, if you go into MCM and select sim settlements conqueror and then select the empire management option and you can turn off Soldier needs which makes it easier to recruit soldiers and keep them happy, with soldier needs on it will make the game more difficult because you will need to provide your troops with wages, rations, and equipment, so that mean you'll have to manage more stuff to recruit than you would if you have this option off, I personally play with soldier needs off, but it's up to you to decide.

19. Well that's about it, your all set. This mod has no quest so you can start this mod up right from the beginning of the game, but some other mods require a quest to be completed before you can use them so do that and then follow this guide.

* If you start a new game after you create your character you will be asked by sim settlements conqueror if you want to have prebuilt settlements and you can also choose have those settlements taken over by various factions if you want, here it pays to have multiple factions packs so you'll have a variety of opponents and yes you can select either enclave faction to be in control of settlements from the start of the game, as I said before if you pick an enclave faction to be in control of settlements at the beginning of the game and want to play as an enclave faction pick the one you aren't planning on playing as so you can attack them and they can attack you, don't pick both because that will create essentially 3 enclave factions and don't play as the faction you put in charge of prebuilt settlements because then you'll have two of the same faction.

Some Issues and Bugs.

You can install this mod on a game you are already playing, but I would suggest starting a new game because it lessens the chances of bugs. When you place the war planners desk in a settlement if my factions aren't appearing just wait a minute and I really mean a minute or so and then check back and my factions should appear, when you start a new game or start to play on a previous save with this mod (or any other faction pack mod) you need to give the game and sim settlements a bit of time to recognize the new factions.

When you place the War Planners Desk in a settlement you may be able to select the liberator faction but not the conqueror faction, if this happens it's because the settlement you want to use has other people there. If you want to play as the conqueror faction you need to use an empty settlement or else the war planners desk won't show the conqueror faction, you may need to find another settlement or you could just kill everyone in the settlement. Liberator factions can be selected in an empty settlement or a settlement with people.

Always do a hard save before using the war planners desk, when I say hard save I'm saying that you shouldn't use auto save or quick save (if using survival mode, get the mod configuration menu mod and the Survival Options mod, then configure the settings of the Survival Options mod in MCM to allow you to save and auto save). One of the bugs that comes up every so often is that if I try to set up a raid and something goes wrong I won't be able to access the War Planners Desk again, clicking on it won't bring up any menus, so to fix this problem you need to go to a previous save so always save before using the War Planners Desk, trust me it helps. This happens when I try to raid some custom settlements and some of the vanilla settlements such as Covenant, you can make it an outpost if you kill everyone there or if you're a liberator you can do their mission and make an ally of them and then build a war planners desk to make it an outpost.
I noticed that when I go to select the troops that I want to have to go on a raid with me that when I select special units I only have a choice between the Enclave Assaultron, the Enclave Powered Armored Elite and either the enclave conscripts or reformed raiders. The good news is that the Assaultron option basically just means robots as a whole so selecting max Assaultrons really mean max robots including Eyebots, Mr. gutsy's, Assaultrons, and Sentry Bots. So yes you will be able to bring all of your special troops and regular troops with you on raids, you just can't specify the robots you want to bring.

Sometimes troops in power armor leave their power armor and won't return to their power armor. This is a very random occurrence as it may or may not happen to you and I don't know how to fix this problem. Save before recruiting Enclave Powered Armor Elite Troops and save before entering settlements that contain Enclave Powered Armor Elite Troops so you can go back if this bug happens to you, sorry for the annoyance.