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Adds Enclave Armor Suit to the game, FO3 style. Two Part, Body and Helmet. Currently there is only one version for male and female just lke the power armors in FO3 and NV. This Armor is Not Power Armor just a heavy armor.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
Enclave Remnants Armor can be found in the Sanctuary Basement. I am releasing this outfit before my bunker mod is released, hence being found in sanctuary basement. There is only one version as i wanted it to be like FO3 power armor, so no female version, the outfit is unisex, works for both Male and female. 

4 Different Paint Job's
1. Black Version
2. Bare Metal Version
3. Camo Version
4. Gannon New Vegas Version
5. Tesla Variant 

Decal Swaps..
1. Enclave symbol yellow
2. Enclave symbol white
3. D.O.D Logo white
4. D.O.D Logo yellow
Paintjobs can be crafted at an armor station.
Armors can be crafted at a chem station under Utility

The file contains 1k textures but there is an option for 4k.

Recommended but not needed is using the mod PipPad as when making the armor i did not account for the pipboy, the regular pipboy is usable but there is some clipping.

Amazing Images Provided By Chikaws please Visit his Site https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/35671850

Miscellaneous files....
Substance painter 2019 save files of the armor pieces already pre baked. For additional texture creations for users. If contact me I can add files directly into the mod.
High and low poly meshes for texture baking in whatever software you choose. Files are obj. 2 group obj which means one helmet obj file and one armor obj file. Inside those individual obj file are group objects corresponding to those pieces.

Version 4 Update...
Added Tesla variant with effects
added new paintjob the gannon from New Vegas
Tried to fix the stats and also hopefully fixed the crash from workbench

Issues Fixed In Version 3 Update...
Fixed issue where head sticks out when in crouch mode. Big Thanks due to EVTITAL For correcting the issue  Check Out His Nexus Page https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/52524006
Added Camo PaintJob

Issues Fixed In Version 2 Update....
Fixed Base Armor Mesh To Better Fit The Pipboy Credit Due to Kung Fu Man For The Help 
Fixed The Segments on Base Armor Mesh For Vats Targeting Credit Due to Kung Fu Man For The Help of course
Fixed Missing "GO" helmet material
Added Decal And an Old Bare Metal PaintJob for the Helmet and Armor 
4 Different decals, 2 enclave og logo, one yellow one white, also D.O.D Symbol, one yellow one white
Armor PaintJob Black that came with mod originally added Armor Paintjob Bare Metal
Both decal and armor paint can be crafted at the armor station of course.