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Improves the fake reflections on various objects like puddles, glass, etc.

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Better Fake Reflections is a small mod to improve the fake reflections seen on objects, such as puddles, and reduce the "glowing glass" on bottles, car windows, etc.


Changes the fake reflections from puddles and anywhere else that uses the same kind of fake reflection. However, most materials that lose the
fake reflections also have reflections of actual light sources, which
generally look ok.

Changes the fake reflections used in various places for transparent glass like on car windows and empty nuka cola bottles to make them glow in the dark less but still appear to have some shine.

Warning: Some chrome materials can turn more greyish with this mod. (They seem to lose the fake shine and only have shine from actual lights)

Technical info:

XL_BetterFakeReflections.bsa has the replacement fake reflection cubemap for puddles, etc. It can't be used as a loose file because it seems that the default cubemap is defined in the startup.ba2 and can't be overwritten by loose files.

Hopefully there will eventually be more refined mods to specifically improve the areas that this mod tries to affect (glass with proper reflective materials, puddles configured to always use real reflections.). :)

Install the files into the Fallout4 data folder using a mod manager or manually.

The normal fake reflection replacements are loose files, so you need to have Fallout setup to read them by editing the Fallout4.ini, but most mod managers should already handle this automatically.

To get the puddle reflections working you will need to edit the Fallout4.ini manually. Find the line for "sResourceStartUpArchiveList" and add ", XL_BetterFakeReflections.bsa" to the end of it. It should look like this:
sResourceStartUpArchiveList=Fallout4 - Startup.ba2, Fallout4 - Shaders.ba2, Fallout4 - Interface.ba2, XL_BetterFakeReflections.bsa


For version 1.1 the puddle reflection file was renamed from XL_NoFakeReflections.bsa to XL_BetterFakeReflections.bsa, please make sure to update your .ini path as shown above.

Thanks to:

Neanka for having an example of how to replace startup files!
All of the creators of Fallout4 tools!

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