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Gives control over various aspects of the Minutemen Recruit/Radiant Quest system, from the comfort of an MCM Menu.

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For more information and support, consider joining Collective Modding and look for the #ssmb-house channel. ping me there or send me a DM via Nexus here for quicker support. I don't frequently check my comments sections here on the Nexus pages. 

I have restored this mod page after nearly two years, for convenience with mod list users such as BiRaitBec guide. Though I don't agree with Nexus retrospectively changing terms (i.e Nexodus 2021) my reasons for taking down my pages were actually mostly due to having a spack attack with the mod page editor - it kept ruining my page with every update. Updates will now be kept in changelogs only. I advise you to read them for any extra info.

This mods main feature adds a short-circuit to the MinutemenCentralScript, the script responsible for starting and tracking Minutemen Radiant/Recruitment quests. In vanilla, a number of quests can be queued in the background, the number of which depends on a few factors, but this method is absolute - and yes you can disable them entirely.

NEW: (V1.2/1.3): Now allows you to turn off Settlement Attacks and view timers for any timed quests in the menu (see update notes below or sticky post).

NEW: (1.5): Added control for the Minutemen Patrol spawn chance when entering a settlement location.  It also allows you to configure the vanilla chance values of a Quest actually starting, allows you to force update the script (which may help if you have a quest that is ready to turn in stuck), adds a fix to the Story Manager to prevent certain Recruitment Quests from potentially always having a chance to run, and allows you to still turn in and accept new quests if you decide to defer/select the "I'll think about it" option when Preston talks to you about being ready to take the castle at the start of Taking Independence (He will now wait an hour before asking again, allowing you to talk to him as normal in the meantime. Also note that this fix is included in We Are The Minutemen, albeit 24 hours which is too long. This will override it :). Please note there is a difference between "Random" and "Recruitment" quests when it comes to what type of quest actually gets started by the Story Manager, but you won't really notice the difference. "Random" quests pretty much come from the MM Radio. "Recruitment" quests are those that involve taking a workshop for the first time, usually. Not all of these can turn into radiant quests but a number of them can adapt, and quite a few are included in the "Random" list specifically. It's just the way they are started that is the difference. 

You now have an MCM menu which will allow you to configure the following settings:

 - Max Queued Quests: This is the number of quests that are queued in the background, not actually active (that number is 2 in vanilla). You can now set this from 0-3, with 0 disabling the quests entirely (default setting is 1, recommend leaving it that way until you complete Taking Independence/Form Ranks quests). 

 - Cooldown Timer: This is the period of time that must pass before another quest can be started. Configured in 6 hour blocks, up to 1 week. Default value is 0, recommend leaving it that way until after Taking Independence/Form Ranks quests. 

 - Chance Random Quest: This is the vanilla setting/chance of the Story Manager actually starting a "Random" quest. You might see this value change by itself during the course of the quest line. Recommend not touching it until post-MM quests. 

 - Chance Recruitment Quests (Post TI): This is also a vanilla setting which you may see change by itself during the course of the quest line. Once Taking Independence is complete, the list of these types of quests changes and is subject to this chance value. 

 - Location Change Recruit/Radiant Quest Chance: Every time you enter a Settlement Location, there is a chance of a radiant quest firing. You can configure a chance value for this to happen, which is this setting. 

 - Block Location Change Recruit/Radiant Quests: Similar to the above, however this blocks them definitively if turned on. Mostly exists for debug purposes, but is the equivalent of 0 chance above. 

 - Block Defend Radiant Quests: By popular demand, this setting (mostly if not completely) stops Radiant Quests with the word "Defend" in the Quest name from being run. Probably good to use in conjunction with the Settlement Attacks setting as well. (I may add more settings for specific quests soon, if requested).

 - Force Inactive Recruit/Radiant Quests to Preston Given Stage: Please see updates notes for 2.0 below. As of V2.3 this method should be obsoleted and disabled. New measures have been put in place to detect the notorious silently started Quests and exempt them from the queue size. 

 - Low Level Recruit Quest Level Limit (2.3): In Vanilla, if you are below level 10 you'll be given what's considered an "easier" Quest from Preston. You can now change this limit from 5 to 20. Note that after 6 Quests you'll be able to receive "harder" Quests regardless. 

 - Postpone Troubled Waters Quest (from Preston) (2.3): Added by request, this will attempt to prevent Preston from giving you the Graygarden Quest. You may find this more immersive. Please make sure to set this to ON very early in the game, because Preston will try to give it to you early.

 - (Button only): Force Update Script: This will force the update function to run on the central script. This may fix an (vanilla) error where a quest can be ready to turn in/completed, but not able to talk to Preston about it. And that is a big maybe, but I have added it for good measure.

- You can also see time remaining on any active radiant quests (an alpha feature) - you can't see the names of which quests they are at the current time, but this allows you to increase the time remaining before failure, if you notice any of them getting low. Bonus feature. 


PLEASE NOTE: Patches are currently not included with the installer as of v2.41. Please download them separately. 

Install as usual with your favorite mod manager or manually. The file is an ESP marked as an ESL so won't take a slot. Should work fine on current games, you might have issues uninstalling, try wait 24 hours in game. If you have any issues or want to request fixes for something else, please leave a comment.

Regarding other similar mods, I am aware of only one that effectively breaks the game, but otherwise I haven't looked. Please note that changes may not be immediate - you may still have some queued quests that need to be completed. I do not flush the current queue when you install this as that may break things.

After the first update (or you use the force update button in the menu) everything will be in sync. We may still discover some ways in which quests can start and we will patch them in updates. 

NOTE: If using the "Player Comments and Headtracking" mod, load CMRQL after it. Some minor conflicts. 


I have added patches for the following mods:
Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth
Quest Tags (Factions, Radiants and More)
And a combination of both those patches - USE ONLY ONE

PlayerComments (if using)
Quest Tags
Patch based on which of the two you using, or for both
Sorting mod generated plugin (if using Quest Tags etc). 

Also a patch for More Attackers - Get Off My Buildzone - provided by wim95. Please note this mod appears to be removed from Nexus and I have not tested the patch, it is dated to around early 2020 though. 

Whisper (bionicyardiff) for the idea. We were talking about how it would be nice to properly limit these quests and thus this mod was born after a lot of research.
Glass1411 for the FOMOD installer.
Thanks to user davoker for the Spanish translation :) (Outdated now sorry)
Thanks to fftfan and BigAndFlabby for years of support :)

See my profile for more mods.