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A mod aimed to bring high quality, realistic textures to the landscapes of Fallout 4.

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Natural Landscapes is a mod aimed at bringing high quality and realistic textures to the landscapes of Fallout 4. The last Landscapes mod you'll ever need.

Natural Landscapes aims to stay true to vanilla where it can, and replace/expand upon textures where there's room for improvement. What does this mean? Simply put, staying true to the vanilla aesthetic while expanding where there isn't much substance. For example, fallen leaf pile textures will be just that, fallen leaf piles, but the vague, brown mess that was the blasted forest floors is now dirt covered with forest debris like twigs, stones, and leaves. With this mod, the textures aren't overblown with noise or details, like some other landscape texture mods. These textures are truly natural, and easy on the eyes, while maintaining a high quality appearance. All of the landscape textures, and a little more are replaced with this mod, This also covers both new-worlds DLC's, and non-landscape based textures like trash and debris. This truly is the last landscape re-texture you'll ever need!

Natural landscapes comes with not one, but two bonus mods to accompany it, should you wanted to further the natural and true to vanilla aesthetic of your game. 

Natural Rocks

Natural Rocks, as you would guess, re-textures all the cliff faces and large rubble chunks in the Commonwealth. The textures are in 2K, but the material files have been edited in such a way, that they tile more to appear closer to 4K. All of the rock textures are color-matched to the vanilla counterparts, so LOD pop-in shouldn't be a concern, and they'll blend beautifully with the rubble rock landscape both in this mod, and the vanilla game.

Natural Roads

Natural Roads, again as you would guess, re-textures the roads and highways in the game. These textures are available in both 2K and 4K, and are a clear step up from vanilla. These roads are much more faded, and very cracked, with visible loose chunks of asphalt and re-done potholes.

Drag the contents of the mod in to your Fallout 4's 'Data' folder and activate with the mod manager of your choice.

The links below are the resources I used to make the textures. If it weren't for these resources, I would have never been able to make this mod. Some of these textures are used in their original forms, but many are adjusted to fit in better with the world of Fallout 4, and to better match their vanilla counterparts.

ArtStation: Corentin Schwedt
ArtStation: Kai Moisch
ArtStation: Stan Brown
ArtStation: Steve Holt
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