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About this mod

New textures for things not covered by existing texture packs.

Permissions and credits
New textures for things not covered by existing texture packs that where too ugly to ignore.
I will try to add more textures so gimme feedback/suggestions.

Textures Included
Concrete Roofing
Office Box Papers
Residential Wallpapers
Wooden Panels
Building Carpet
Rust , Stain , Gross Decals
Utility Power Pole
Industrial Pipes
Industrial Open Rooms

Technical Info
Textures saved in BC1 and BC7.
90% of the textures are in 2k with a few exceptions some are 4k to combat extreme in game stretching.

Change Log

Fixed wrongly named BA2, the mod was basically inactive sorry about that.
Improved tilling of the walls in industrial open rooms.

Fixed seams on carpet textures.
Added industrial open rooms textures.
Added interior industrial pipes textures.

Finished all the rust stains.
Finished all high tech carpets.
Removed left over files.
Redid utility pole normals the metal parts where too rough and shiny i also added new signs on them (check image section).
Finished the last set of the utility poles.
Rust stain and gross decals about 75% done, will finish the rest next update.
Utility pole, there is one more to do for the next one along with Sim Settlements support.

Recommended Texture Packs and Load Order
FlaconOil ReTexture Project
High Resolution Texture Pack - Valius
Langley's HD Texture Workshop
NMC's Texture Bundle
Gritty Subway Stations
Natural Landscapes (2K - 4K)