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A packaged version of Langleys HD Texture Workshop.

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Simply put, this is an alternative download for Langleys HD Texture Workshop offered in a BA2 packed file format. BA2 packing is superior for multiple reasons, in the areas of performance, optimization, and organization. This mod is offered 'as is' and contains many of the optional files pre-included to some degree, think of it as a 'best of' package with the only option being broken or normal bricks. If you want to use any of the other optional files, visit the original mod page. I highly support choosing to also go give Langley some love as he did all the work, all I've done is pack the mod to offer it to those who wish to use it in an easily available BA2 format.

Drag the contents of the mod in to your games "Data" folder and activate with the mod manager of your choice.

Langley - He made the mod, please go support him!