About this mod

Mini- texture bundle, retexturing the Nuka Cola Machine, RedRocket Truck Stops, Diners (including Drumlin), Drive-Ins, Roads (asphalt road only) and Sanctuary Bridge. Available in 3 sizes to suit your PC.

Permissions and credits


"This is NOT a full texture pack and only covers a couple of areas of the game- I thought I'd state that from the outset as I am generally known for expansive texture packs for the Fallout series.

The mod re-textures the Roads (asphalt road only), Sanctuary bridge, Red Rocket Truck Stops, Diners, Drive-in(s) and Nuka Cola Machines. These areas shared
some graphical assets, so it seemed logical to re-texture these areas together. So Drumlin Diner and Red Rocket settlement fans should find most of the graphics are covered there! I have also included my previously-released Sanctuary Bridge and Road re-textures as part of this pack. However the pot-hole edges on the roads have been improved in this version by adding fissures and cracks around the edges which was lacking in the original release.

I genuinely was not planning on making, let alone releasing any more texture mods after my previous two mods for Fallout 4, but thanks to some very positive conversations with the very talented fellow modder BlackBlossom, I started to feel inspired again. And when she provided an interesting suggestion for a texture mod, I felt inspired enough to attempt a small project which subsequently expanded as I began to enjoy texturing again. After providing advice and Beta-testing, I felt it was ready for release. Without her input, this mod wouldn't exist so I am very grateful for that. Thank you!

Using the original art direction as a baseline to work from, I attempted a more realistic and immersive look here versus the more stylised look of the original graphics and hopefully I have succeeded in that respect.

I hope you enjoy the new look."




This mod re-textures:

- Red Rocket Truck Stops
- Diners
- Drive-Ins
- Nuka Cola Vending Machines
- Sanctuary Bridge
- Roads, potholes and edge decals. (asphalt road only)

Available in 3 Sizes (please select and install ONE size only):

Very High- These are up to 4K Textures, 4K normal maps and 2K specular/gloss maps.

High- These are up to 4K Textures, 2K normal maps and 1K specular/gloss maps.

- These are up to 2K Textures, 2K normal maps and 1K specular/gloss maps.

None should tax your system too much so I'd advise trying the Very high version first- however the High version is still very high resolution. Use the Medium version if you have any performance issues due to an already large number of mods or for weaker PC's.

In case your game doesn't exactly match the screenshots, it may because I use a subtle enb preset but I cannot remember which one I am using unfortunately. It slightly increases contrast and adds a subtle bloom and a DOF effect.


1) Download the pack size of your choice (Very High, High or Medium), either manually or via Nexus Mod Manager (NMM).

2a) If installing manually, place the 7zip file in your game folder and extract it. Then activate the corresponding .esp file with the mod manager you prefer.

2b) If installing via NMM, download and activate it as you would any other mod. Then activate the .esp file.

3) There is an optional esl file for those who prefer that method over using an esp. Don't use if you don't know what it is. See sticky post in the thread for information. Thank you to DankRafft for directing me to include ESL files.

IMPORTANT- If you already have installed my roads mod, previously released as a stand-alone mod, please delete it as it will override the new improved version of the roads included in this pack!

Mod now  re-uploaded to eradicate issues since an attempt at a previous update. All previous issues are now hopefully fixed.

Hope you enjoy the mod! Screenshots and videos are very welcome.


I am putting a blanket refusal on all requests for the use of all assets for all my mods and all textures I have made for any game, mainly
because I am receiving these requests on almost a weekly basis now. As you can probably imagine, this is becoming quite annoying especially as I have already set my permissions for asset usage on each of my mods at Nexus.

Previously, I would consider each request on a case by case basis, but as I am being contacted over and over regularly, I have to refuse
everybody now.

Please do not PM me with any requests.