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You though Swan was a nice distraction on your way to Goodneighbor? NO MORE ! Swan has trained and he is ready to smash your face !

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Superboss Swan update 1.2 is now available (10/08/2018)

This version has the following content:

-- Swan has gone through a little tuning, he should now be a little less resilient:
let me know how it goes --

-- Swan no longer drop a full set of power armor, but instead a new ring called "Ring of the Ruler": i felt giving the player a full set of power armor, randomly generated, was not really rewarding, so i created the "Ring of the Ruler", whom i think should fill that role --

-- I made some modifications to the mod in an attempt to fix the bug some people seem to have with two Swan present, as i personally don't have this bug, please tell me if you still encounter the bug with this version --





Superboss Swan V2 is now available in the update 1.1 (29/07/2018)

I won't explain the modifications this time as i want you to have the surprise.

Know only this: Swan is much stronger than before, you are warned.


This mod modify Swan in order to make him a real superboss whose simple existence is enough to give you nightmares.

I mean, his legend is spreading around the area, there are corpses all around the pond, and at every corner, on every wall around the pond, you can read warnings against venturing in the area.

With all of that, we could expect a monstruous beast ! And....Swan is a victim ! You can crush him while still being under level 10 in hard mode ! That's not very threatening !

Well, Swan is BACK ! And he is STRONGER ! THOUGHER ! DEADLIER ! And he wants REVENGE !

Swan is now dealing 300% more damage, has 5000 more hp, is level 100, and is INVULNERABLE to anything below the level 20 ! So if i were you, i would avoid the area as much as possible, unless you want to die in an horrible way.

Oh, did i mention he has also gotten an upgrade by becoming a legendary boss? Yes, that mean he will benefit from every legendary foe bonus on top of the previous modifications !

But, because Swan is now a superboss, the rewards you will obtain if you manage to kill him have been rebalanced !
Swan will now yeld much more experience upon death, fitting what a superboss should give.

By killing Swan, you will also loot a FULL set of power armor, randomly chosen among the T45/54/60/X01 variants.

If you had already killed Swan before installing this mod; well this was ALL IN YOUR HEAD ! Swan is STILL ruling his pond, if you don't believe me, feel free to check, and die ! Well, best you don't go check in fact, i don't want to be held accountable for your death after all...

If you are searching another Superbosses challenges, try the mod Perks and companions and items massive overhaul who, on top of doing a fantastic job at overhauling many aspects of the game (YES ! I am autocongratulating myself !), add several superbosses scattered through the Commonwealth, with a reward to win.