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F4MS is a script engine for mining and manufacturing, both NPC and Player based. Put those settlers to useful work! Highly configurable, yet simple to use: Attach scripts and fill out properties as desired. ESL format to counter Load Order Slot Starvation.

Permissions and credits
>>> If you are a gamer:

This is a script library, not a mod. If you don't know what this means, you should probably not download anything here unless directed by a mod author to do so. Instead, you might want to get a mod that makes use of this.

Mods using F4MS:

- Basic Fishing by Zorkaz
- Useful Chemist (F4MS Tech Demo) by niston

Drop me a msg if your mod uses F4MS and you want me to link it here.


>>> If you are a mod maker:

The preferred way of including F4MS in your mod is by linking to the ESL and have the user download F4MS from here, so they will be sure to have the latest release. You are however free to bundle the esl and ba2 with your mod if you so desire, but be aware that your mod is likely going to overwrite a newer installed version on gamer's computer with an older one from your mod archive and cause trouble.  Not my fault then. Also: If you reuse the scripts directly (make modifications to them etc), please rename them to avoid any conflicts of your forks with the master.

>>>>>>> WARNING: This is an early alpha release! API is NOT LOCKED.


* NPC mining
  - Production to workshop
  - Leveled List to configure what items to produce
  - Workshop production according to configurable daily schedule, multiple production runs (shifts) per day supported
  - Supports remote settler assignment/unassignment using Settlement Management Software
  - May be used independently or together with Player Mining
  - Could possibly be persuaded to work with flora objects - not sure (completely untested)

* Player mining
  - Turn based mining/resource gathering system 
  - Optional, modular skill system; All skill/xp/chance modifier calculations completely user programmable (inherit from F4MS_SkillCalculatorBase)
  - Per-Mine configurable depletion (for player mining only), may be disabled at user's discretion
  - Per-Mine configurable mining turn success chance (base value), useful to create different mining difficulties for different types of mines
  - Per-Mine configurable chances (base values) for rare and rubble items
  - Simple player exhaustion system 
  - May be used independently or together with NPC Mining
  - Script should be usable for non-workshop items as well  (untested yet)

* NPC Factory
  - Introducing an entirely new class of machinery to the Fallout 4 Workshop System
  - This is *not* contraptions workshop based, nor does it require that DLC.
  - Consumes raw materials and creates products, according to configurable recipe and daily schedule.
  - 2 default schedules included: 13h (7:00 - 20:00, 12 production runs, first one at 8:00), 24h ('round the clock, 24 runs).
  - Configurable batch size
  - Keeps producing while the player is out of settlement.
  - Will manufacture partial batches if limited resources are found in the source container.
  - Will stop production if no resources are found in the source container.
  - Production will continue once resource requirements are met again.
  - Can link to any source (raw materials) and target (product) container by keyword.
  - Optional power connector and power requirement.
  - Optional control panel for player interaction
  - Optional recipe storage, allows player to select any stored manufacturing recipe for production
  - Optional PlaceableExtras script, for static and/or dynamic special effects (Smoke, Lights, etc...)
  - Governed by same NPC assignment rules as NPC mines.

* User friendly
  - ESL file to save on precious load order slots
  - Modular architecture: Player and NPC mining scripts can be used independently, or both at the same time
  - Highly configurable: Most aspects of operation can be controlled through script properties
  - Lean event scheduler included: Does all the scheduling related heavy-lifting for you, ensuring accurate production numbers
  - Clean-up routines for when the attached workshop object is deleted, leaving no bloat behind
  - Royalty free mining sound (hammering) included, can be configured to use your own sound
  - Messages for easy customization and translation; Some default ones included with the esl
  - Everything about F4MS is 100% custom made, so chances of it conflicting with anything are virtually zero
  - F4MS does not modify or override anything vanilla in any way. Nada. Zilch!
  - Comes with .ba2 archive for easy handling
  - Full source code available
  - OOP design


* Support for player manufacturing through factory control panel
* Load/Eject recipes from FactoryRecipeStorage
* Terminal interface for powered factories
* Support for Sim Settlements (not sure yet what or if anything is required on that front)


* Inspired by Zorkaz' Quarry Work Object and Basic Mining mods
* Based on prior art by BbaronX (More Scavenging Stations)
* Special thanks to DieFeM for noob support
* Using David J Cobb's excellent 3d rotation library


Demo application (mod) and, probably, some documentation to follow...