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  1. Rookie_One
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    Got a few bad lines in there, such as :

    del "DLC01\del "Props\DLC01MechanistDrawingLowPolyBack_n.DDS

    Found about 800 of them

    EDIT : found more lines with a similar problem :
    del "actors\DLC05\Powerdel "Armor\T51LegSugarBomb_d.DDS
    del "actors\Robotdel "Shared\DecalSheet_d.DDS
    del "Armor\Combatdel "Armor\ChestDecal_n.DDS
    del "Armor\RaiderUnderdel "Armor\raider_under_armor_3_M_d.DDS
    del "Weapons\Laserdel "Weapons\LaserReticle_d.DDS
    1. eliteqsk
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      I'm just gonna redo the entire thing, its the result of doing this at 1am and too many files to look over, this time I'll look over the files by each category
  2. ColtusGrey
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    Can anyone tell me if this works? I'm being fairly cautious about it to make sure I don't mess up a long load order.
    1. eliteqsk
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      It won't mess up your load order if you do it properly. All you have to do is copy the high-res dlc including the .esm (I would do this in anyways) somewhere on your drive so if you do fudge it up you can just copy paste it back into your data folder, no harm no foul no messing up your load order. Unpack each archive into seperate folders named after the high res dlc BA2s
      e.g. name the first folder "DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures01" for the BA2 of the same name you unpack, run the bat by putting it in the texture folder of the unpacked BA2 and double clicking it, a black window should open and it willl run
      Wait for it to finish.
      Move onto the next BA2 and unpack it into the folder "DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures02" and run the bat again, keep doing this for each BA2 archive seperately, you'll know if it works because the file size will be lower
      Finally repack all your unpacked archives with the same names as the folders with ".ba2" at the end so its packed back to its original state just with less space because you delete 10GB of duplicates using the .bat. There are tutorials on how to use Archive2 and really if you are modding Fallout 4 and using texture mods, you kinda need to learn how to use it.
      This might be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND-rCvhyP0k
      You can only pack a maximum of 2GB usually but the high res dlc is different you can just pack it without setting a memory limit, this is only unique to the high res dlc, do not follow this rule for packing other texture packs.
      If you are extra worried what the bat does, right click on the .bat and click "edit" it should open in notepad and you should see the list of what I've told the bat to delete which is why it has "del" commands all over, you will see the .DDS files I've told it to delete is exactly the same as the spreadsheet I linked on the main page. If it can't find those .DDS files it just skips them but still deletes the ones that are there.

      I hope this is a bit more in-depth for you, its really not that hard.