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I do little bits, bobs and shitposts, I have some knowledge of the creation kit, texturing and mesh work so I might do little stuff like patches if there is a mod I like, I don't have enough time or attention to do full fledged mods nowadays (not that I haven't tried or done any).

I know next to nill about coding so SKSE is out of my hair, maybe one day though.

I'm more known for porting certain mods to console, but really thats not what I consider actual work nor do I deserve the credit for doing it since its not mine, I mostly do it just to give people the mods they want.

I'm not very active in the community or socially because I'm not that type of person and never will be, mostly out of a preference to not get attached to one place and simply put, my time, so don't take it badly if I go dark, its a tendency of mine. But I always try to check my nexus account every day, even if its just to track new mods for future playthroughs, so don't be afraid to message me if you need to contact me about a mod or a request.


My Philosophy on modding:

Depending on who you ask its always different, but I've always thought modding should be a open-sourced community effort to better peoples games, thats it. The idea of mod ownership in my eyes is kinda silly to me in some ways since it defeats the idea of modding in the first place, and the idea that somebody can own something as simple as a stat tweak using bethesdas official .esp is daft, assets created BY YOU is a different matter. Thats not to say I don't respect mod authors permissions and advocate stealing other peoples work as your own, its a sign of respect and common courtesy to do otherwise.


Thoughts on

To put it bluntly, the site sucks.

-Images don't render properly, if at all or in the correct order

-Sometimes mods don't upload properly and even then the CK sometimes packs them incorrectly

-Too low a character limit for information

-Sometimes the servers are completely down

-Forums are too circle jerky for me

-Search engine for mods sucks

-Mod piracy is still rampant

-The Launcher can suck my scrotum, only reason I use it is for the CK

-Notification straight up don't work


Thoughts on the Creation Club:

-Quality is considerably low for the price and mostly outmatched by FREE mods

-Most people involved are complete shills

-Way too easy to pirate due to using the .esl format

-Clashes with the Unofficial Patch

-Support/bug patching is lacking



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[pastebin in progress]


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[pastebin in progress]

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