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Changes the quest for "Tunnel Snakes Rule!" from the Creation Club, to no longer start when exiting vault 111, or on first load. Now you must find the Faint Radio Signal and listen to it to start the quest.

Permissions and credits
I removed the start up script from both the main quest and the radio quest for "Tunnel Snakes Rule!"

The "Faint Radio Signal" no longer broadcast over the whole map and is much more local to the quest. You will likely first find the signal crossing the bridge just south of the CIT building on your way to Diamond City for the first time.

You will now need to listen to the Faint Radio Signal to start the quest. So you can also ignore the quest, without crowding your quest log, until you are ready to do it.

The ba2 file just contains script fragments needed to set the quest stage when you listen to the radio.

Now available on Bethesda.net for XBOX users thanks to the efforts of Chucksteel.

Compatibility Issues
Creation Club Immersion and Balance Patches by Bretton
His Tunnel Snakes patches edit the Main Quest entry to remove Leveled List script injections, but has not removed the CC Quest start script.
A patch will be needed to make both mods work together. See Misc Downloads.

I've just become aware of another mod that does basically the same thing as this one.
Tunnel Snakes No Autostart by Ablaze666, that you might wish to look at as an alternative solution.
There are a few differences in approach though. Ablaze666's method is to alter the script "CreationClub:StartAfterCharGenScript" to look at the Tunnel Snakes Radio Quest instead of the "Out of Time" quest, while I've bypassed it altogether, as I have with all my other MIQS mods.
The differences in functionality should be mostly superficial, but Ablaze666's has changed the radio signal to cover a much smaller area than I have.
It should also be noted, that the purpose of my MIQS series is not to remove the autostart for quests, but to simply make them happen in a more appropriate place and time.

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